MOAR immature frat boys on the attack

This is one of the reasons why I like living in Canada. If anyone publishes hateful material in any shape or form, you can bet that your ass will be grass when the authorities get a hold of you and your hateful attitudes. That doesn’t seem to exist in San Diego, United States, sadly, because the publishers, editors and writer of a university magazine called The Koala has got away with their horrible privileged behavior for almost 29 YEARS! Recently the magazine is being investigated by authorities after the writers and editors thought that it would be HILARIOUS if they photo shopped a female student’s head on to a body of a naked women removing another woman’s clothing! But its supposed to be funny right? LAUGH DAMN IT LAUGH! Jezebel reports:

This fall, CSUSM student Jennifer Meneray decided to run for Homecoming King. So The Koala photoshopped a picture of her face onto the body of a naked woman removing another woman’s pants, and wrote, “Thanks to the courageous and open-minded women who are running to be the Queen of King Jennifer Meneray, we can all look forward to a Royal Fisting. The question remains, which princess will become the lucky Queen?”

Well, I will admit at least they have the monarchical system right. Of course, this behavior will never be called out or be questioned by the privileged persons because of “freedom of speech” of which the editors, publishers and writers constantly abuse. Isn’t the point of black comedy to not be funny or extremely bad? If so, why are they using this “humor” to attack marginalized people? Why do they attack people and use -isms to shame them? I can think of only one answer and that is privilege. Privilege to express their hateful ideas and attacks without being questioned or called out; without being punished for their actions.

It is funny to me that these “humourous” persons will not publish their names to the public. What are they afraid of? In the end they still have white privilege (I am quite certain the staff of this paper are white because no dignified person of color would allow such a tragedy as this publication to see the light of day). What I find the most troubling is the comments in new stories related to this paper; they are defending it, saying it is humorous to them, calling the marginalized “uptight” for even reacting so negatively and not laughing along with the hateful language. Marginalized people are just expected to just lie down and accept defeat because their efforts are useless against people who enforce oppression under the patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist society. Of course, there are cases were marginalized people who join ranks with their oppressors and take part in the oppressing of othered people to feel like they belong or have value in society. This is why social hierarchy when it comes to skin color, sex, race and sexual orientation is damaging to the individuals in the society. Patriarchy and hierarchical privilege dominate and separate the marginalized so they can not band together and fight their oppressors or at least have the courage to fight.

This horrible excuse of a newspaper needs to be shut down so we can send a message to the privileged that their bigotry and ignorance will not be tolerated by the marginalized and that the minority will not surrender to the likes of the system that oppresses all the people.

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