Reverse Sexism, Child Safety: One is More Important (and Real) Than the Other

Females have to constantly plan their lives around avoiding attention from predatory males and how they can successfully avoid a confrontation without the harassment being escalated into an attack. Males often get very defensive when a woman speaks out against the abuse she experiences from males with the added bonus of being accused of being “sexist” and the little church mice who are within earshot either wag their fingers at the woman in question or they wag their finger at the male. Most often than not, it is the former that receives the finger wagging and not the latter. It is unfortunate that these males feel so entitled to co-opt feminist language and use it against females when criticism of male privilege and power ever occurs in a discussion among females.

Recently, a male named Johnny McGirr (very fitting, eh?) is claiming “sexism” and “discrimination” after a flight attendant for Virgin Australia told him to switch seats with a woman because of a policy that states that males are not allowed to be seated next minors and as bad luck would have it, he sat next to two young boys both aged eight and ten. The poor male felt that he was unjustly mistreated and “discriminated” against for simply being male and suspected of being a “potential pedophile.”  Now, I am not one for false accusations. But it seems that this man feels that he is being wrongfully convicted of a terrible crime that he never committed! Oh, for the love of all that is good! A simple request to move to another seat does not equal discrimination! If you are going to compare A MINOR SEAT CHANGE to discrimination (of which everyone except white, upper class, straight, able-bodied/minded males have experienced) than I seriously hope you have a very logical reason to call it “discrimination.”

Policies like this are there for a reason, to protect children from potential pedophiles who will take advantage of the child’s vulnerability in a crowded space. This male feels that this policy is unfair to him, that the airline should put his comfort before the safety of children. This man’s actions and words are the biggest examples of a selfish entitled male who feels that he can have what ever space he wants and no one should question his demand! As Meghan Murphy from Feminist Current states, sexism will not be dismantled under the guise of protecting privileged fragile egos:

If dudes like Johnny actually gave a shit about sexism and, like, actually wanted women and children to both feel and truly be safe in this world, then there are some things they are going to have to do: a) stop molesting/assaulting/raping/beating, b) stop standing by while  other men molest/assault/rape/beat, and c) stop covering up for and protecting creeps and abusers.

What’s next, you ‘re going to force me to sit next to you on the bus because otherwise I’m sexist? Shut up.

Sexism will not be eradicated by pretending it doesn’t exist. Women and children not being raped or exploited is more important than your comfort. I wish it wasn’t the case that taking the bus to work was a cause for stress. Every single day. But it is. And THAT is because of sexism. Get it? Men raping women and children is what inequality looks like. Being afraid that a man is going to harass or assault us is sexist, yes, but it is NOT SEXIST AGAINST MEN.

It is insulting to call his little moment of embarrassment “sexism” for simply asking him to put the concerns of children (who are travelling alone, by the way) before his selfish need for entitlement. It is insulting that males have to claim that any criticism against them is “sexist” because their precious feelings are hurt! Women and children are harassed, assaulted, raped and abused by males every day! You would think that someone who works in a life saving occupation would understand policies such as this but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Even people in life saving occupations feel entitled to another person’s space and they get angry when the slightest bit of discomfort is mentioned from the underprivileged party.

This man is wasting everyone’s time with his petty cries of “sexism” and “false judgement.” He is co-opting feminist language and using it to protect his entitlement and privilege. He is also disregarding the safety of children who are travelling alone because of a minor inconvenience! Such selfishness from anyone in any situation would be called “morally repugnant” but apparently that is not the case for white males.

Meghan Murphy’s very intelligent response Here