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A sick young man thought that it would be hilarious if he posted a photo of himself and a young women named “Catherine” with a sign saying “Catherine says that if I get 1 million “likes”, she will have sex with ME!. Please share and like!” The little heart at the end of it just increases the vomit scale up to 11. This is supposedly a joke but there is nothing funny about ripping away a girl’s bodily autonomy because your dick needs a hole.


In Which I Can Only Respond With Guttural Throaty Noises

I often wonder what the point is of even telling old pervy dudes that making random and inappropriate comments about women who are young enough to be their daughter is not okay! Especially when she probably did not ask for any comments about how “beautiful” she is? When it is not related to her at all? Fuck!

This is the video that got me in a rage!

Gamer Dudes: Knock it off with the misuse of “rape”!

A very noticeable trend is happening in the gaming community, of which consists of middle class, white dudes, a trend in which belittles the oppression and male violence that women experience in their daily lives under patriarchy. That trend is the misuse of the word “rape”. What do I mean by “misuse”? I mean, that these entitled, white dudes are using the word “rape” to describe defeating somebody. To the male, it may not seem like a huge deal because obviously he does not have to witness male violence through the eyes of women. He does not experience male violence. to women who live in patriarchy, this flippant misuse of “rape” belittles their experiences under patriarchy, it makes those experiences seem almost meaningless. That seems to be what these dudes want to achieve, they want to make it clear that they are in charge of the gaming community and if any woman complains about it then the men will destroy her with words and psychological games, their suffering is meaningless.

And they know what they are doing is wrong, they know that a woman is going to speak out against their misogyny sooner or later. But they couldn’t find it in themselves to care about women, they want to feel like rebels. They want to be considered as hyper masculine as athletes while maintaining their “nerd”  status. They want to be as big a threat to women as humanly possible and they don’t care if they traumatized the woman with misuse of the word “rape.” We have to look no further than the multitude of men making rape jokes during their “let’s plays”. Let’s plays are videos where the player commentates over the footage they have recorded for their videos, they make jokes and other remarks and comments about the game, graphics, voice acting and character design. Oftentimes, these jokes swan-dive into jokes about rape, incest and just recently menstruation, they believe they are so humorous and original when they make these jokes. They believe themselves to be geniuses who “push the envelope” of misogynistic humor. I am not one to fall into the subjectivity trap that “rape jokes” are “subject to debate.” There should be no reason to debate whether rape jokes should be considered acceptable. Rape jokes ARE unacceptable. Period.

But of course, they are men. Men allow themselves to get away with anything without any guilt or shame for their wrongs. They know that patriarchy has raised women to be silent. Men commit the horrible crimes against women yet expect women to see all men as innocent until guilty, as human beings. This is impossible while Patriarchy enslaves women; teaching women to fear strange men while trusting men who are close to us to not rape or harm women in any way. It’s saddening that men have to use such violent language to assert their masculinity but it’s not surprising.

I seriously wish that this wasn’t one of the major things in gaming culture, to use violent language in such a manner but it is and it needs to be acknowledged along with other forms of male warfare tactics. These type of actions are one of the many symptoms of rape culture and it needs to be undermined. No amount of Liberal/Libertarian bellyaching about “freedom of speech” is going to erase the damage or make the whole female population accept this behavior. This needs to STOP and it needs to stop now.

Destroying Capitalism and the State (and many other issues which are caused by the State)

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“No I won’t read your literature … bitch!” and other thoughts on female fiction from the dudes of The Spearhead (via man boobz)

This is just fuckin`brilliant!

"No I won't read your literature ... bitch!" and other thoughts on female fiction from the dudes of The Spearhead So Esquire magazine recently posted a list of “The 75 Books Every Man Should Read” on their website.  Esquire being Esquire – that is to say, a men’s magazine that had its glory days in the era of Mad Men and that seems to be aimed mostly at old farts (and aspiring old farts) —  only one book of the 75 was written by a woman … Read More

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