Capitalist attitudes towards Occupiers

I have previously mentioned how the occupiers need to focus on how capitalism affects more then white men in the capitalist system we live in so I will not repeat it here in this post. It is only recently that protesters of Occupy Regina are asked by the City of Regina to leave Victoria Park:

The City of Regina is asking Occupy Regina protesters to leave.

Several dozen protesters have been camping in the northeast corner of the downtown Victoria Park since Oct. 15.

The group is part of an international protest movement aimed at raising concerns about economic injustice and the growing gap between rich and poor.

Earlier this week Regina bylaw officials visited the camp, where some 20 tents are set up, and asked people to leave.

“We’re asking them to leave voluntarily,” said Dwayne Flaman, a spokesman for the city’s bylaw enforcement office.

You could just imagine the comments that have appeared on the article. The comments were mostly just a bunch of ignorant fools who are oblivious when it comes to capitalism and how it negatively affects everyone in society except white men. Here are a few examples of the absolute stupidity that is in the comment section of said article:

These hippies probably don’t even remember what they’re protesting anymore.

To close the gap is do-able. Get a job, create a budget that allows you to live with in your means, while putting at least 10% into long term savings, and some into short term savings.
Oh yes you have to get rid of the idea you are entitled to a free ride.

If these folks just went and got a job, they mind find the gap they refer to is shrinking!

“The group is part of an international Occupy moment that’s raising concerns about economic injustice and the growing gap between rich and poor.”
Ummmmmm. …excuse me…the gap between rich and poor?? How about GO GET A JOB and work your butt off like the rest of us if you want to succeed and do well in life. Simple as that. It’s not the government’s fault that you are lazy and want to camp out in the park for 3 weeks and create negative attention for yourselves. I have been working since I was 13 years old. Start out with small jobs and work your butt off–it really works!!!! Can’t wait to see these people kicked out–what an eye sore!

Protesters parents dont want them back. Basments are clean and no longer smell of weed and rotten. Keep them.:)

What are these capitalists trying to prove?  That using old ad-homs, straw men and other fallacies somehow prove that oppression doesn’t exist? That the protesters are just “hippies” and free loading college students that need to get a job and everything is okay? These capitalist loving folks also ignore that elderly people were also involved in the protesting and are also abused by the system because they are not considered valuable since they have used up their usefulness and that all the can do is just sit in a nursing home and wait for death to come to them so they can get replaced by more younger people to keep capitalism and the state alive. Capitalism depends on younger people because younger people are more valuable, easier to manipulate, more likely to recover from workplace injuries so they can continue to support capitalism.

When young people rise up and rebel against capitalism, people are quick to dismiss them and to falsely label them as “lazy” and “free-loaders” When it comes to finding a suitable occupation to earn an income, the chances of finding a well-paying  job are basically 1 in 4. I have said it previously but I will repeat it here: Capitalism harms all! Capitalism does not help the oppressed find a job! Capitalism does not give that hard working person a raise! Capitalism does not help women of color who are in poverty! Capitalism does not pay off student loans or pay the bills for the elderly who cannot afford a nursing home! Capitalism helps no one but white, upper class, heterosexual men!

Update on Occupy Regina: The protesters refuse to leave