Church Owns a Porn Company and Know About it!

I always knew that there was something up with Catholics, besides covering up child abuse and promoting female hatred; the also own a porn company!

“Worldview” is the largest German booksellers. What is not visible due to the purchase offer and therefore many do not know: The media company owned 100 percent of the Catholic Church.

But since October fire is under the roof, after the trade magazine “book report “, reported the Catholic publishing group taking part in the business of eroticism. It may, it was then hurry on the part of bishops to stop the “Expel potentially pornographic content” by the Catholic “worldview” publishing house. Presumably, a filter system had failed.

But many committed Catholics who have been more than ten years, their pastors are so tirelessly but unsuccessfully to the scandal “world view” to draw attention to whether such hypocrisy appalled.

The Catholic Church is in the “world view” trap, because it has invested hundreds of millions of euros into the Augsburg publishing house that operates but shops, one of which says Pope Benedict, they were among the goods of the Church, her real estate darkened.


Rest of the article here but fair warning: NSFW and is in German.