MRAs don’t care about the women in their lives

The title is pretty much a well-known fact among the feminist community. Men’s rights activists, in general, don’t care about women; not even the women in their lives matter to them. If there are MRAs that DO care about women and that would be a very small percentage then good for you. Now all the MRAs that do care about women need to realize that their privilege harms the woman they claim to care about. Their privilege is the cause of women’s oppression, why the sex industry still exist,why women are more likely to be raped then men and why women are criticized for the little things while men can get away with something as little as having a pot belly.

Feminists such as myself never denied that men and boys get raped. What we find most horrifying is that they feel that it is feminism’s fault for the rape of men, that women are the ones raping men but they are not raping each other, that they are not committing violent acts against each other and women. That it is our fault that boys get sexually abused by men in positions of power and authority. The likelihood of a woman raping a man or physically strong enough to dominate him is pretty small compared to the number of women that are raped by their male romantic partners or the men that are close to them. Feminists  are also very concerned about the emotional well-being of children and that includes boys.

In their minds, they have the authority to question out experiences and suffering while we are not allowed to criticize their authority. That is pretty much the definition of hypocrisy and privilege denial.

If a woman fights, it is because she is defending herself, she is fighting back against the system that oppresses her. She is fighting for the unknown number of women that have been raped by men and murdered for 6,000 years. The women who are being prostituted, humiliated, abused, enslaved and maimed.

These MRAs however don’t see that, all they can see is that their privilege is in jeopardy by a woman fighting back. They hate women that never listen or submit to them or are physically strong enough to fight and beat them at their own game.

These men have the nerve to blame feminism for the way society treats them, their sexuality and pretty much anything else they can think of when they are pointing the finger at everyone but themselves and patriarchy for the wrongs of the poor innocent men.

They have the nerve to shit on the women that sacrificed everything for them! Their health, careers, personal freedom, money, time and friends to raise them. This is the thanks their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, nieces, cousins and sisters get? This is what the women in their lives sacrificed for? To be shitted on for nothing? To put up with their misogyny? Their rapist mindsets? Their denial of their privilege? The denial of the harm they cause to women including the ones in their lives? Is this what women get for demanding the same rights and treatment as men?

If MRAs really want to free men from the oppressive society, then they should be extremely critical of the portrayal of men as rapists, they should be critical of the patriarchal norm of masculinity. They should realize that their privilege harms women. They should reject the patriarchy and its perception of masculinity. They should realize that they have the ability and the consciousness to stop rape. To stop the oppression of women. If they acknowledge this and actually do something about women’s oppression and reject the patriarchy then they would be a legitimate movement.


“No I won’t read your literature … bitch!” and other thoughts on female fiction from the dudes of The Spearhead (via man boobz)

This is just fuckin`brilliant!

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via man boobz