International Women’s Day: A Reflection

I woke up this morning and suddenly realized that it was International Women’s Day. I want to take a moment to thank all the women that have helped me on my path of becoming a Feminist and helping me realize that my words do matter no matter how much people try to drown out my voice. It has been a long journey to this point, heartache was one of the many things I have experienced when becoming an activist; the pain is not over yet. Several things have happened in the past week up here in Canada that need to be addressed.

Over the few years I have been an activist, I have realized that people who are in positions of power do not want to leave their comfort zone. Marginalized people had to fight tooth and nail to get what they want from those in power and we are still fighting tooth and nail. Indigenous women are still murdered, prostituted, and raped in high numbers and the government refuses to accept any responsibility for their apathy to the suffering of Indigenous women. Just yesterday, Peter Mckay threw down the report to the floor in a fit of childish male-rage; that report contained 16 recommendations that the government suggests would be beneficial for Indigenous peoples. Of course, like any typical Conservative government, the recommendations do not even strike at the heart of the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women. Instead, there isn’t even a mention about an inquiry into the 800+ Indigenous women that have gone missing which is what the opposition has requested. Events such as these are reasons why women should no longer trust the government, all the government is, is just a bunch of rich white men who abuse their power and authority over the people they rule.

Harper has proven this point for the eight years he has been Prime Minister that he does not care for the people; he has silenced the voices of Feminists and various people who speak out against his crimes and his lack of regard for women’s lives. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights has recently rejected a article about International Women’s day because the article had a section in the article in which the ‘Communications’ at the Museum deemed “unacceptable.” What does this say about Canadians when not even a historian can speak about the government in a way that people won’t like? Can’t anyone criticize a man without being seen as a big meanie and needing to be silenced? This just proves that women need to push harder for a woman-centered society, that the government needs to be taken down and the state abolished. Women (especially women of color and Indigenous women) are still seen as second-class citizens; replaceable baby-makers for the male state to use and abuse, tossed to the side when they grow bored of them.

It is a sobering fact that women’s history is constantly erased on a daily basis, any contribution that a woman makes to society is immediately taken away from her and a man’s name is slapped on it. Women either die or kill themselves because not only is their genius not being recognized but their pain is made illegitimate; we have lost too many women to the death grip of Patriarchy and male violence. Many women that have contributed to the Arts and various pursuits will not be known for these contributions and instead their deaths will be romanticized and remembered as such. These women must be remembered and their legacy must be protected from being erased by the Father-Right; all women must be protected at all costs.

I do not want to see another article or news story about a woman dying in her home or raped by a large group of men; I do not want to see another act of injustice committed against women. This will be an impossibility because the death of women are an everyday occurrence, that doesn’t we give up because it seems impossible. I didn’t want to be the party-pooper on this very important day, though I have a hard time understanding why remembering women’s accomplishments should be relegated to one day, but we have to remind ourselves that there is still work that needs to be done; the liberation of women from male power still needs to be accomplished.


Reacting to a Dumb Picture

I am not certain whether or not this is a troll or not but since I have nothing else to do today…….


I don’t need an excuse to sleep around. I just don’t do it.

Good for you. No one said that you needed to sleep around especially with men. That’s the beautiful thing about Feminism:  YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO! Of course, the main goal of feminism is to dismantle male-approved hierarchy. In simple terms: women, you can be single and won’t be judged for it! You will not be forced by society to marry a man! Isn’t that wonderful!?

I should have to earn my own way, not have it handed to me through AA

First off, what in the world is AA? Alcoholics Anonymous? Are you implying that feminists are alcoholics? If so, wow. Secondly, what in the world do you mean “earn my own way”? Are the feminists forcing you to hold their hands through a difficult task? Some many questions left unanswered.

I can DRIVE and I can be as successful as any man.

I had to correct your spelling mistake because otherwise I would be horribly confused and you do NOT want to confuse an autistic person! The “successful as any man” is liberal speak. It is impossible for women to be as successful as men because of some biological and social factors. Women are having a really hard time being as successful as men because of harassment and abuse from their bosses and fellow co-workers. This is the result of patriarchy.

Being faithful is my choice. Not the “patriarchy” keeping me in line.

Holy Missing-the-point Batman! The concept of monogamy is a patriarchal concept if men expect women to be monogamous but the same standard does not apply to the husband! If you are forced into a polygamous marriage then there is a problem! However, being forced to be faithful to your husband when he is treating you like shit is a problem too! Men can abuse both of these constructs and women will get shit if they do the same things that their husbands are doing.

“Rape culture” is not a thing

Well, let’s see here: We live in a society that blasts pro-rape sentiments everywhere we look. I see coerced PIV on the TV, music, advertisements, and computer games. And when the woman is raped and she decides to report the rape to the authorities, she is laughed at and not believed by the authorities. Even when the case goes through, the victim is put under a microscope and the media makes all sorts of assumptions about the victims. All of the focus is lost on the perpetrator and the victim is blinded by all the hate she is receiving from people who didn’t take the time to get to know her. I say that rape culture exists and many other women would definitely say so too.

Having to pay for birth control does not make me marginalized

False, it does when the birth control has something to do with your health. I wish we can get a point in society where birth control will not be needed but since we live in patriarchy, we do need it. It is a matter of life and death for women who are forced to be pregnant because she cannot afford health care or the birth control that would have prevented the pregnancy. Birth control should be free to everyone or at least cheap so poor women can afford it. We would be completely missing the point if we left poor women out of the equation because let’s face it: poor women are more likely to be raped and- because it would be impossible to find a job- more likely to be forced into prostitution. So, yeah being forced to pay for something that could save your life does make you marginalized especially if you are already marginalized.

I have EARNED my privilege

Wow, so much insulting language in one sentence. You do not earn a social privilege, it is handed to you the minute you are born. Maybe, pay attention to how people socialize with women of color or indigenous women? Observe how white people react to women of color being pregnant and then compare to how they treat white women. You will be surprised by the helpfulness of actually observing social situations. I have white, able-bodied, middle class privilege but I am also a disabled woman. This means that I do oftentimes have difficulty moving about in society without being harassed or attacked by ableist and misogynistic tropes and ideas that are perpetuated in our society. That means that able-minded people will attempt to take advantage of me and think that I am not as intelligent as a neurotypical person this makes it worse since I am also a woman. And being a disabled woman in patriarchy makes me a walking target for predatory doctors and men! So, yeah, you may have white, able-bodied privilege but that matters fuck-all since men are more valued then women!

Hating men is just fucking stupid!

Women do have a right to hate ABUSIVE MEN especially when history shows that it was MEN who have used rape as a weapon of war to humiliate their enemy.  It was men that forced women to carry unwanted pregnancy to term. It was men that did not see women as human! It was MEN that raped and pillaged Indigenous people and forced the Indigenous women to marry them! To NOT hate them and also not demanding them to take responsibility for their actions id FUCKING STUPID! Heard of “Rape of the Sabine Women”? It’s horrifying shit! It’s also horribly bad when women are constantly told to trust every guy they run into and yet are told to not do anything that would get a rapist’s attention! THAT is stupid! THAT is an overpowering contradiction! “Trust every guy you meet but don’t do anything that would make him rape you or traffic you because it would be YOUR fault!” That is victim blaming! THAT is stupid! Believing that every guy is a sweet little that won’t do you harm? THAT is fucking stupid. Trust has to be earned! Not given away like a fucking gift! You are your own person? No feminist has ever said that you weren’t. It is men that are denying women their humanity!

Gamer Dudes: Knock it off with the misuse of “rape”!

A very noticeable trend is happening in the gaming community, of which consists of middle class, white dudes, a trend in which belittles the oppression and male violence that women experience in their daily lives under patriarchy. That trend is the misuse of the word “rape”. What do I mean by “misuse”? I mean, that these entitled, white dudes are using the word “rape” to describe defeating somebody. To the male, it may not seem like a huge deal because obviously he does not have to witness male violence through the eyes of women. He does not experience male violence. to women who live in patriarchy, this flippant misuse of “rape” belittles their experiences under patriarchy, it makes those experiences seem almost meaningless. That seems to be what these dudes want to achieve, they want to make it clear that they are in charge of the gaming community and if any woman complains about it then the men will destroy her with words and psychological games, their suffering is meaningless.

And they know what they are doing is wrong, they know that a woman is going to speak out against their misogyny sooner or later. But they couldn’t find it in themselves to care about women, they want to feel like rebels. They want to be considered as hyper masculine as athletes while maintaining their “nerd”  status. They want to be as big a threat to women as humanly possible and they don’t care if they traumatized the woman with misuse of the word “rape.” We have to look no further than the multitude of men making rape jokes during their “let’s plays”. Let’s plays are videos where the player commentates over the footage they have recorded for their videos, they make jokes and other remarks and comments about the game, graphics, voice acting and character design. Oftentimes, these jokes swan-dive into jokes about rape, incest and just recently menstruation, they believe they are so humorous and original when they make these jokes. They believe themselves to be geniuses who “push the envelope” of misogynistic humor. I am not one to fall into the subjectivity trap that “rape jokes” are “subject to debate.” There should be no reason to debate whether rape jokes should be considered acceptable. Rape jokes ARE unacceptable. Period.

But of course, they are men. Men allow themselves to get away with anything without any guilt or shame for their wrongs. They know that patriarchy has raised women to be silent. Men commit the horrible crimes against women yet expect women to see all men as innocent until guilty, as human beings. This is impossible while Patriarchy enslaves women; teaching women to fear strange men while trusting men who are close to us to not rape or harm women in any way. It’s saddening that men have to use such violent language to assert their masculinity but it’s not surprising.

I seriously wish that this wasn’t one of the major things in gaming culture, to use violent language in such a manner but it is and it needs to be acknowledged along with other forms of male warfare tactics. These type of actions are one of the many symptoms of rape culture and it needs to be undermined. No amount of Liberal/Libertarian bellyaching about “freedom of speech” is going to erase the damage or make the whole female population accept this behavior. This needs to STOP and it needs to stop now.

Porn Doesn’t Influence Men?

It is said that the very subtle cues and messages that we receive from mainstream media and our peers, influence our personal perception of each other and ourselves.  Many people will deny this and say that in today’s society, we are free from media’s influence that the subtle messages and cues no longer exist. The problem with this claim is that these people are insisting that every person on this earth lives in a social bubble where the messages that we receive have little influence in our lives. There is nothing wrong with having influence, we need influence to make our choices easier. It is human nature to be influenced by an outside force. The main problem is what the outside force is, whether this outside force is trustworthy and whether that trusting the outside force is a good idea.

Men influence women through means of controlling their minds and bodies. This is still happening in today’s society with the century long attack on female reproduction and the sexual slavery of women. This results in women who are more dependent on men and seek male wisdom instead of female wisdom.  The lowering of women’s wisdom and their value as human beings occurs when pornography and other misogynistic media becomes the worshiped.

Pornography is an example of male oriented influence being perpetuated on women, of women’s wisdom being treated poorly and degraded. The ideas that are presented in pornography are very misogynistic and degrading to women. The origins of pornography do not begin with women being “in control.”  The roots of pornography begin with being created by men for their carnal consumption, to degrade women, to lower women to objects. Pornography is for male eyes. Often times, men will force women to view this degrading material and to force their conformity on women. It is a fact in our society (i.e. Patriarchy) that women are second class citizens. We are only allowed a certain amount of power because men have allowed us to have power, the same power as a dog. Men will keep reminding us, however, of our supposed place in society, by the use of pornography, prostitution, rape and many forms of violence and torture. Many men will either deny doing any harm to women or will flat-out say that women enjoy being tortured and abused with the use of their phallus. They will have happy, smiling women to back up their claims, to make their abuse seem “natural” and “normal.” Pornography as mentioned before is the propaganda of their empire, pornography is the Soma of our generation. What is once considered “soft core” pornography and quite possibly some elements of “hardcore” pornography have seeped into the mainstream media. It is never wrong to say that we live in an image based, consumer-culture society-and images are a far easier way to consume a message. This message that is in these images are very impossible to avoid and is the main part in our society.

There are too many examples of pornographic images and pornographic influences in Western culture. Lingerie football is an example of or violent pornographic culture. Lingerie football is a sport with only one purpose: To sexualize violence against women. What I mean, is that the athletes (female; decked out in lingerie) are very violent and aggressive to one another. One of the other noticeable traits on Lingerie football is that the athletes wear no padding except for shoulder pads and helmets. If these types of traits were implemented into professional MALE sports franchises like Canadian Football League, where the male athletes must wear man thongs as part of their “uniform” there would be an outcry from football fans all over North America. Why would there be an outcry? There would be an outcry because football is a “manly” sport. No women allowed on the field. They are too delicate for such an aggressive sport they all say. The only way that they can market a “woman’s sport” is if they put them in the most humiliating outfit possible, the lower them into a spectacle. The erasure of their humanity becomes reality the minute men set eyes on them, in their horrifying uniforms. Women participating in a male dominated field such as sports are seen as a threat to society and therefore must be humiliated through their bodies, through male constructed sexuality. This is pornography in a more recognizably mainstream context, humiliating the caste class (women) to gain control. Women become the victims in our porn culture. Men become the aggressors and enforcers of porn culture. This is the “balance” in our society or what white men consider to be a “balanced and equal society”. To women who live in this society and must deal with the consequences of questioning the patriarchal status quo, this is an obvious lie. One cannot be happy or equal under a slave-state. One who lives in this society suffers for questioning her master.

It is very difficult to prove that pornography does not influence male perception of women or even how women view themselves. We can only look at the percentage of rape in our society, how prostitution has risen and the increase of male violence as the only evidence that pornography has a very negative effect in our society. The evidence is incriminating and there is no possible way to speak away the evidence and the components of patriarchy as an “inevitability” or “natural” or even more hilarious “a conspiracy.” This should be considered evidence that patriarchy as a whole needs to be dismantled. This will result in women being free from the confines of male slavery and domination.

There is often the common misconception of women who make “free choices” in patriarchy. The common misconception is that if a woman makes the “choice” to take part in very misogynistic activities such as prostitution or pornography without male influence, that she has made the choice on her own free will, we should not question it. That the woman has in some strange, post modernist fashion, “reclaimed” this horribly misogynistic activity. In the basis of reality and patriarchy, this is not so. There is simply no universal evidence that can prove this claim as correct. If this claim was true, then there would be no rape or any form of male violence. There would be no women in poverty. Women would not have to live with the shame of being sexual. Women would freely choose who to sleep with. This is not the world. Patriarchy can easily adapt to any social change. Patriarchy has a death grip on society. No matter how much neo-liberals have “reformed” patriarchy’s main institutions (Pornstitution, the church, the state, government, industrial civilization), patriarchy is still there. A powerful force like Patriarchy cannot be reformed, it thrives on the old traditions of female subjugation. it would be impossible for patriarchy to be anything positive women.

If anything needs to be learned from history and from daily observations in society, is that women can never hold the same place of power as men under patriarchy. Women can never feels safe in a violent culture and while pornography is the daily entertainment of men. Women are never safe when violent men are our leaders, relatives and co-workers. Women can never be free under fear, violence, poverty and despair which is Western society. The only reason that women have never been completely wiped out from the earth yet is that women are strong enough to fight back, to keep the possibility of female extinction at bay. Women need to end the possibility, indefinitely. This can only happen through female revolution.

Recommended reading:

Porn as a cause of rape by Diana Russell

Men and Porn by Edward Marriott

Censored Truth by Ann J. Simonton

Don’t Be Silent!

There seems to be a common practice of instilling silence on the oppressed in society. This tactic normally comes from the privileged classes and the privileged classes do not want to hear about oppression; they would rather live in their own fantasy world. Where people are happy, bullying never happens – if it does, well, to bad – and they get rewards without so much as lifting a finger. Life is easy for the privileged, sipping on lemonade. A nice life from what I have heard. But if those oppressed classes ever dare to speak up for themselves then everything is Hell for the privileged, the sky falls on their coiffed heads and other horrible disasters. That is what happened when Jennifer Livingston dared to fight back against her oppressor for his (assuming the letter writer is male) comments about her weight. Few days afterward, a privileged white dude decides that it is perfectly justifiable to bully an fat woman because HOW DARE SHE EXIST?!? Let us take a look at this dude’s ridiculous article.

First, he goes by suggesting that he PERSONALLY believes that an obese woman should never EVER speak up for herself when her person is attacked by a shallow viewer.

A television personality from Wisconsin is receiving acclaim from around the nation for allegedly standing up to a “bully” viewer who wrote an email mildly disparaging her weight and physical appearance, but is all of the praise warranted? I don’t think so.

Let’s have a read of this letter, shall we?

Hi Jennifer,

It’s unusual that I see your morning show, but I did so for a very short time today. I was surprised indeed to witness that your physical condition hasn’t improved for many years. Surely you don’t consider yourself a suitable example for this community’s young people, girls in particular. Obesity is one of the worst choices a person can make and one of the most dangerous habits to maintain. I leave you this note hoping that you’ll reconsider your responsibility as a local public personality to present and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Well, I don’t think it takes a complicated math equation to comprehend that this is in fact bullying. This author of this letter does not seem to understand that in most cases obesity is not a choice at all and that fat women shouldn’t give two shits if they are considered unfuckable under patriarchy. Because it is by popular opinion that white dudes are always right! They know exactly how to handle all situations involving violence of multiple kinds, right? RIGHT? I enjoy how this dude puts bully in scare quotes as though the writer of letter wasn’t bullying anyone! I mean, it’s not like making comments like “your appearance is a bad example for our children” or “being fat is a dangerous choice” is not bullying or hurtful at all! The dude continues to share his lovely male wisdom:

I disagree with the general consensus in the media and among the left that this message is “bullying.” Terse, rude, arrogant, self-righteous? Absolutely, but the comments are not of a bullying nature. The word bullying is defined as:

Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants

The email is not attempting to intimidate Livingston. It makes no mention of forcing her to do anything. The viewer is merely offering a singular opinion, one of which that exists out of millions of opinions. There is not an attempt to use any form of “strength” to influence Livingston. In fact she gave her viewer’s opinion strength by elevating it.

My, this dude is SO intelligent! He must have been too busy doing dudely things to notice the VERY important details in the letter such as “I leave you this note hoping that you’ll reconsider your responsibility as a local public personality to present and promote a healthy lifestyle.” That is not “forcing somebody to do what one wants”? Oh and I love the Liberal tactic of “opinion” as if the unnecessary and cruel comments about her weight being the defining indicator of Livingston’s character were just “opinions.” I suppose if he had a daughter who had an eating disorder that he would use the same tactic on her? That those people who pushed her to diet excessively were just expressing their “opinion”? I would like to know how exactly fighting back against her oppressor somehow equals “strengthening the viewer’s opinion.” Did he honestly expect her to stay silent? Dude continues to spew:

During Livingston’s rant she claims to have “thick skin”, but that is clearly not true. If her skin was so thick she would have paid no attention to the comments and went about her day. I would be extremely surprised to find that this is the first comment made about Livingston’s weight, considering she has been on the air for a number of years. She also claims to “not care” about this message, but instead wants to talk to children who are actually bullied — and that is admirable.

However, bullying that happens at school is far more vicious and traumatizing, and in many instances fatal, than a viewer urging a public personality to lose weight. In fact the two scenarios are not even in the same galaxy in terms of offensiveness or impact. If the message jared Livingston so much, perhaps she is in the wrong profession.

I wonder what this dude’s theory is on street harassment and sexual assault? It’s only traumatizing when it happens to kids but not fully grown women? Does this dude even wonder for one second that he might be wrong? That men abuse women through raping them, starving them and intimidating them? Has that not crossed his mind at all? You cannot expect women to have “thick skin” in Patriarchy especially when their bodies are constantly under attack by men through various ways. If by “thick skin” he means taking abuse without complaint then he is the one in the wrong profession, not Livingston.

Overeall I found Livingston’s response on the air displeasing and unprofessional, but mostly uncalled for. This is America, where the freedom of speech is an ingrained right. She is in the public eye, and those who receive WKBT’s programming have opinions. And that is all this was, an opinion from a viewer that she did not appreciate, but the person who sent the email was well within his or her rights both legally and socially to do so.

I believe there is a danger in Livingston’s description of the incident because it may dwindle the urgency level when an actual case of bullying arises. People will hear about it and think…“what, did a professional, highly paid newscaster receive an unkind letter again?”

The premise that a person who is directly compensated for being in the public eye could make any claim of being bullied by a member of the public is absurd and shows just how thin Jennifer Livingston’s skin actually is.

Did we see any threats of lawsuits from Livingston? Did she raise her voice? Throw chairs around? Even those would be very reasonable responses to being attacked, she did not do any of those things. She was in a calm manner and explained why those comments about her body were out of line and hurtful. Again, I have to ask if that is how he views all women that stand for themselves? If so, that would be  typical white male behavior. To accuse her of “dwindling the urgency level of actual bullying” is victim blaming behavior. He pretty much degraded her by waving away her concerns! By dictating to her how she should react to being attacked by patriarchy and fat-hatred. He finds it displeasing because it broke his poor fragile male ego and you should know that male egos are more precious then women’s rights!

It is not “unprofessional” to fight back against your enemy. It is not “unprofessional” to stand up for yourself and refuse to take abuse from anyone. This author is reinforcing patriarchy and that is unacceptable. Silence is woman’s worst enemy and the only way to fight silence to speak and scream like you mean it!

Dear Defensive White People

 Yes, I am talking to you. The white person who claims to not be racist and yet continues to say racist things about people of color and indigenous people. The one who complains about people of color and indigenous people being lazy, slutty and whatever insult you can come up with to perpetrate your white privilege. The one who gets defensive when a person of color or white ally calls you on your racism. The racism that you perpetrate is harmful to people of color. Silence on top of racism is even more harmful and it is quite obvious that unity needs to be encouraged among the oppressed classes.

Let’s take a look at our society. Our society is a capitalist, racist, patriarchal, classist and homophobic one. People of color become the hated class in this society. White people become brainwashed at birth to hate people of color and to view themselves as above people of color. It is true that most white people would never outwardly say that they are racist because being outwardly racist is morally reprehensible. Most white people are often not aware that to be racist is more than just committing violence against people of color, words and actions (or lack thereof) are often the greatest indicators on where white people stand on the rights of people of color. White people often are acting racist without realizing that they are. It is sad that every time a white person claims that we live in a post-racial society, the legitimate complaints from people of color and indigenous people get automatically shot down by the same white person making the claim. Let us take a look at some of the arguments that white people make in defense of their racist statements against people of color:

But Indigenous people get paid by the government when they turn 18! Why are they still complaining?

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because the history of Indigenous people getting murdered, raped and basically discriminated against is often erased and never talked about? Maybe the fact that Indigenous people still live in poverty and often don’t have access to education and healthcare? Indigenous women are coerced into prostitution and either end up missing or found dead in a ditch somewhere. Receiving money from the people who basically stole their land is not going to erase what has been done nor does it compensate for the many lives that were lost, languages that are dying or already dead and the tribes that were killed into extinction by the white settlers.

*It is also never mentioned that the vast majority of bands do not give their members any money once they hit adulthood. Does this mean that Indigenous leaders are corrupt? No, it could be for a variety of reasons. One of the most pervasive reasons is that oftentimes the band suffers from lack of government funding. Most often the funding is not enough to cover some of the expenses that are oftentimes very expensive. Housing, repairs, plumbing, electricity, delivering fees (for ready-made houses that are delivered to the reserves), taxes, among other expenses especially if the funding is lower then what is needed to pay for it all. Oftentimes Indigenous students who go to school never see the money they are supposed to receive for their education (field trips, lockers, tutors) and the school will use this money for something else other then giving the student what he/she needs. The students are often thrown (for lack of a better term) into “special education” classrooms even though they are perfectly capable of succeeding in the classroom. This happens not only because of lack of funding but because of racist attitudes from students and teachers. (This would definitely be apparent and pervasive in Southern states and farming provinces in Canada). The students defend themselves from racist attacks and are accused of being the ones with the attitude problem. There are often cases in white-dominated towns where the taxes do not seem to be going to pay for very important expenses yet none of the angry townspeople never seem to make the race of the white mayor as the negative characteristic. There is definitely some hypocrisy and double standards in our society in terms of who is leading. The worst that a white corrupt leader can be judged on is their character and not how their race is the ultimate indicator of their behavior.

It is not “racist” for a person of color to question their society nor does it mean that they are “ungrateful.” They are just demanding a just world where people of color are treated fairly and like human beings, they want a world where racial stereotypes are a thing of the past and not part of media culture. Unfortunately, it seems that white people refuse to change or to stop racially stereotyping people of color, the cycle of racism, colonialism, white privilege and discrimination will still continue when white people refuse to take responsibility for the hatred they perpetuate either through silence or outward violence.

You are just as racist for saying that white people are bad!

That is a seriously ridiculous accusation to make! Not only that, it is also a derail. It is impossible for “reverse racism” to have the same effects as real racism (naming it real racism for the sake of distinguishing). To simply put it, white people cannot face racism. For a person of color to be “racist” is simply a reaction to white privilege. They have every right and good reason to be angry at white people, people of color have every right to call out racism when they see it. It is not YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a white person to tell that person of color how to be an activist or how racism “doesn’t exist”, they know it exists and they don’t need white people to tell them that. In short: It is impossible for the privileged to be oppressed in regards to the system that they benefit from.

White people have  never been raped, enslaved, murdered or faced colonialism by people of color. White people have taken advantage of indigenous tribes whose weapons technology where weak compared to the guns that the white settlers possessed. The white settlers also took advantage of indigenous people by giving them gifts, not telling them that the gifts were infected with infectious diseases. Many indigenous tribes in North America have died from the small pox epidemic from white settlers giving them blankets that were infected with the virus. Yet, we expect them to forgive us for our sins against them? “The past is the past!”, I hear you say. If that is so than how come racism still exists? How come people of color get murdered? How come pornography depicting people of color as sexual deviants still exists? Why are there still people of color in poverty especially women of color? As long as oppression exists, the oppressed classes will remain the oppressed class and collective freedom cannot be achieved.

Stop being offended for them! They can do it themselves!

Yes, they can. This is where the white ally comes in. The responsibility of battling racism and confronting the powers that be in our society should not be solely on people of color. White people who want to advance the status of people of color are an important part of collective resistance against the system. That is why they are called allies. White people such as myself want to fight alongside people of color to advance their freedom because collective liberation and freedom is a number one priority for activists of many stripes. Calling out the racism of white people is not “being offended for them” it is calling out racism and dismantling the racist system. It is educating people about the effects of racism and why racism is still a big deal in our society.

So, what if a person of color called you out on your racist comment? Would you say the same thing? Call them ungrateful? Call them racial slurs or tell racist jokes? If yes, than by definition, you are a racist. No amount of crocodile tears or emotional pleas is going to change that person of color’s mind or the white ally’s. You are proving their point! That you want to keep your status as a privileged person in society, that you don’t want people of color to be equal. I know, it is painful to accept the truth but you will get over it once you learn to accept it, once you realize that this society needs to be changed!

But rap/hip-hop music is sexist!

Yes, that is true that the rap and hip-hop we hear on Top 40 radio is sexist. But, who creates the demand for this type of music? Who creates and perpetuates the ideas that are presented in rap music videos and songs? Answer: The white men in suits created those ideas out of racist tropes. Those white men in suits create the market that is Top 40 radio and who gobbles it up? White people. However, there is rap music that is very anti-sexist and breaks the stereotypes of black rappers being gangsters who beat women while calling them nasty names. They are not incredibly hard to find on the internet but they are inaccessible. Why? The white men in suits don’t want that music to sell. They want to keep perpetuating the same old racist and misogynistic bullcrap without taking any responsibility for it. White men in suits make the money, people of color get the blame for the “degradation in our society.”

But what about rock music? There is a huge amount of misogyny that goes unnoticed in rock music! These silly rock-loving white kids act all superior to hip-hop fans because their music is not like rap music or so they claim. When I look at the rock musicians of today, I see an equal amount of female-hate and the “money and bitches” trope in rock videos and songs! Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch” or any song by Korn or even Hinder are examples of misogyny in rock music! The claim that rock music is less sexist than rap is pure bullshit, plain and simple. This claim is just another example of  removing all their responsibility and piling it on someone else.

But they buy expensive phones and computers!

So? Everyone buys expensive things. That is called consumerism. Don’t run around acting like you are never affected by consumerism because guess what? Everyone consumes something! Even faux morally righteous white people like you consume stuff. It is an unfortunate reality that people buy things that they cannot afford. Commercials flashing across our television screens telling us to buy this and that item otherwise you are not happy. That argument is another derail because it delegitimizes the complaints from people of color who live in poverty and do not want to live in those conditions. It is insulting to lower class people and people of color who are fighting to get out of poverty. Food is also expensive, it is also a necessity. Working class people can only afford the horrible cheap food which is riddled with GMOs and other nasty chemicals that cause serious illnesses. No wonder obesity is high among working class people of color! The food that they can afford is basically shit and not good for them!


There are plenty more arguments that legitimizes racism and inequality for people of color and the indigenous. It is important that these arguments are debunked and that racism in our society is acknowledged and put to a halt. People of color and their arguments for equality need to be put in the forefront and acknowledged in society especially in the case for women of color. The battles for justice and freedom are often long and treacherous ones. Many will give up and lose faith in their goals and ambitions. The others who did not give up will keep fighting until the very end and no amount of silencing, attacks, slander and false accusations will keep a fighting spirit still.

*I posted this on Facebook and one of my friends corrected me on the first argument presented in the post.

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A Rapist is a Rapist (or How Rape Is Used In Patriarchy)

The amount of victim-shaming and blaming that comes from people in the case of rape is staggering. No one seems to blame a victim of robbery or a hit and run. The blame is mostly placed on the perpetrator and not the victim in cases like the before mentioned. What makes the crime of rape so different from other crimes? What makes people think that the crime of rape is the victim’s fault?

Rape is violation of the body both externally and internally. Externally because the body is severely harmed by the attack of the body. Internally because the psychological scars are permanent.

The main perpetrators of this crime are men. Men who want to dominate, to control their victim. Men who feel stronger than their victim and want the victim to be aware of their authority over them. The victim of this horrible crime is a woman in all cases of rape including little girls. Whenever a woman speaks about her victimization in the case of rape, she is immediately dismissed and everything from her attire to how she behaved during that event seems to be somehow relevant to the crime and not the perpetrator.

Over at Blue Milk, the author points out that there is a double standard in the case of rape and the women that are victims of this crime, seems to need to go through a test before society considers them legitimate victims:

For us the assumption is that we were somehow asking for it unless we met some kind of endless test of resistance. Were we sober enough, dressed appropriately, virginal enough, not too flirtatious, did we say no loudly enough, did we explicitly say that we are not into gangbanging, because if we weren’t entirely specific about that point well then how were they to know – they couldn’t possibly tell by the way we just froze up in fear?

Of course, feminists never denied that there are male victims of rape too. However, it is not in the same degree as women and when they get raped and come forward with the accusation, the world mourns the loss of their innocence and their behavior or attire is never called into question unlike female rape victims.

How is it the victim’s responsibility to avoid getting raped? Oh, of course, it is always the case of the woman but never the little boy or the man who gets raped. It is never the fault of the male victim who gets raped by another man or a group of men, it is always the fault of the woman who gets raped by a man or group of men!

Yes, there are women that reinforce this mindset of female victims taking responsibility as well and in my opinion the women should remove that way of thinking. There is nothing worse than a woman who should fight along with us women but instead take the side of the perpetrator. This phenomenon is known as internalized misogyny. I have explained a bit about internalized misogyny in my last post but I will go more in-depth. Internalized misogyny is basically when women believe that taking the side of the enemy will help them avoid being the victim of oppression. An “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality. Only in this case “if we can’t beat them by fighting against the patriarchy with other women, might as well side with men and join in on the misogyny so we don’t get hurt.” The problem with this mentality is that the women will still get hurt in the end, when the men lose interest in them.

If women can so easily “cry rape” and get men easily persecuted, why do at least 90% of the cases get dropped by the victim? It couldn’t be that there is so much pressure and scorn on the victim that they do not want to deal with it anymore so they drop the case? I mean, it’s not like women ever experience any kind of pressure in any situation, right? Those rotten whores always get what they want! The poor men are always persecuted for defending their sacred right to fuck who they want! They should have a right to not think about the women they harm or kill!

See how harmful those assumptions are? Especially to women and men? Men seem to think that they are more reasonable than women but when it comes to rape and women’s liberation, they always act unreasonable. Hell, they seem to want women to fear them! To dominate them and make women hate themselves for their existence.

That is where the power dynamics between men and women begin. Women go through the patriarchal brainwashing and come out submissive and basically give in when a man demands sex from them. Men get brainwashed by the patriarchy and become hideous monsters who rape the weak and get away with it almost every single time! That power dynamic never ends, women experience patriarchal control in very aspects of their lives under patriarchy and men rule over women and reap the benefits of being the patriarchal rulers.

Rape is the result of patriarchal domination and the victims of patriarchy are what the rulers of patriarchy consider weak or below them. Hierarchical structures are the result of patriarchy and the main reason women are second class citizens under white, heterosexual, upper class men! Patriarchy will not disappear over time while men are still in leadership roles. Women need to be the leaders and strength in numbers are a necessity in order for patriarchy to be defeated and rape will be non-existent.