I will not apologize

It seems that speaking from personal experience has upset people and set them off on a bit of a tizzy. Even when I have stated that I am formally diagnosed as Autistic, that somehow disproves my credibility because I do not take a liking to a certain individual? Here is something you should know: Do not expect your comments to be posted if you are going to be insulting. Do not go on and cry about your precious “freedom of speech”, this is not a government webpage. This is my blog. I am not arresting you.

Don’t like what I say or think? Good for you.

Want to post your super-insulting comment? Don’t bother.

I have never claimed to be a doctor who can diagnose people. My post was about how people, armchair psychologists, are so quick to diagnose individuals without a second thought or merely going by vague testimony from that individual. Autism/Asperger’s is far more than someone “behaving strangely” or having “savant qualities”, it is more than what mainstream media portrays in movies and other media. It comes in various forms and spectrums. It is incredibly strange for people to get upset over a personal opinion, calling me a “dumb whore” (for example), does not serve you or make you seem smarter.

Just remember that the next time you are going to comment on one of my posts.


One thought on “I will not apologize

  1. I am sorry you have got comments like you say, but hmmm at least you GET comments. On my blogs even though I talk about quite deep subjects, and welcome feedback I just get nothing/no comments. When that happens you maight welcome even a bit of negative feedback. I am all about people engaging in discussion, but obviously many only can if they feel insulted.

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