My Political Views lately…

For last few years I have called myself an “Anarchist Feminist” believing that these views will be the ultimate form of liberation for women. But those last few years I have met a lot of disappointment from some Anarchists who do not seem to be interested in liberating the world. I cannot call myself an Anarchist-anything anymore.

Modern anarchism has become a “liberalised” shadow of its former self. Too busy staring at its own navel and not actually coming up with a solid plan to liberate the masses. I have also noticed that it has become too steeped in “identity politics” while I do realize the importance of recognizing multitudes of oppression but the analysis cannot end there. Analysis is a great thing to have but words really don’t mean anything when Imperialist governments are bombing third world countries left and right. There needs to be more than just discussing our identities, there needs to be more direct and organized action. Protests are fine but politicians, and the capitalists, have seen plenty of non-violent protests and they ultimately do not bring down the government, i.e. the 99% movement.

Lately, I have been looking into other political theories and Marxism seems to make much more sense to me. I do appreciate the structure that Marxism has as opposed to Liberalism which is more focused on their own class interests than liberation. I know that some of my readers will be upset with me but these revelations I have came to on my own. I do not allow people to force ideas on me, I find these answers on my own. So please, show some respect. People change their views over time. I cannot stand to be in one spot forever and neither can the working classes and other oppressed people.


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