We Can’t Ignore This Problem Anymore

Another man, most likely a white male*, has gone on a mass shooting in a college and it seems he was another man suffering from his own delusions of inferiority. He has killed 10, including himself, and injured 7 people and as per usual everyone will debate passionately about things like “stricter gun control”, “mental illness” and other such topics. What is missing, at least from the mainstream, is the fact that this shooter was another male who felt entitled to women.

Supposedly, this shooter frequented the disgusting pit of inhumanity the-website-that-shall-not-be-named and has posted that he was going on a school shooting. He did not state his reason or which school he was going to shoot but from reading the comments it was pretty obvious that these piles of filth on that site did not care why he would go on a shooting, they would have cheered him on no matter what the reason. I am not going to go on further into the details. The link will be here if you want more information on the shooting and here for the report on the terrorist’s victims. What I do want to say is that we can’t ignore the obvious anymore. The pattern of violence committed against women everyday is perfectly clear. How one can ignore it and say it was something else completely is beyond my comprehension. Guns, and the access to them, are only one part of the equation.

How many more people, especially women and girls, have to be killed before we can finally admit that there is a war on women and girls? How many more men have to go on shooting sprees before we name masculinity as the illness?How long until the whole world admits that it hates women and girls? No more excuses for violent men. No more “but he was a good boy.” No more coddling the psychopaths.

*Side note:It is reported by police that the shooter was of “mixed race”, this still does not detract from the fact that he murdered young women and that he felt entitled to women’s bodies.


7 thoughts on “We Can’t Ignore This Problem Anymore

  1. “The hospital said on Twitter that the victims were all female and between the ages of 18 and 34” I can think of so many instances where a man has gone on a rampage and targeted women to kill as a “punishment” for all women but I can’t think of any woman who has done the same to men.

    • YES! Yet, we get a bunch of comments [especially at Youtube] by sick MRA men blaming ‘feminist’ [women] for how we kill men or want all men dead. This is what I like to call 1+1=11 logic. And yet that type of logic will get 135 upvotes! What really gets me is that this nonsense will come from a man who demands proof, logic and facts, yet when he blames women there are no facts, proof or logic, just lies and upvotes.

      • good lord, they need proof? I women did violence to men in the same way men do to women, we’d be wading through blood and tripping over dicks. Abusers always blame the victim, they need a righteous anger so they can feel good about punching, hitting, raping, shooting.

  2. Thank you for this.

    I don’t have American TV stations, so I’m watching Canadian news and reading stories on the Internet. Still, I had not heard — until reading your post, Bedelia — that all his victims were female. It is simply incredible that this fact has not been front and centre. All I had heard yesterday, concerning possible motivation, was that he had chosen his victims based on their religion. But nothing about him targeting women.

    In fact, a report on CTV last night ended with this: “The gunman chose his victims at random.” Now, that’s not a mistake; that’s a bold-faced lie. I was enraged by this lie while I was still under the impression that he chose to kill Christians, both male and female. Now I’m even more enraged.

    How could Canadian media do this? We Canadian women, especially those of us middle-age and up, KNOW what this is. This is a massacre similar to the École Polytechnique Massacre in Montréal in 1989.

    You’re right: the mainstream media will talk about anything, analyze anything at all EXCEPT male violence, except the illness that is masculinity. And because all the victims were female (that is, not by chance, but because he targeted them) it’s going to be even more important that the facts aren’t just ignored by media, but actively suppressed. It’s happening right before our eyes. It’s going to be ALL about guns and mental illness. Women, as targets of injured male entitlement/narcissism, are already being blotted out under the banners of “humanity” and “senseless violence.”

  3. Thanks for the report, Sister! I stopped watching TV for sanity reasons, so I didn’t hear about this. You and these awesome on point comments are so correct in how the man-made-media will downplay the sickness of men, and turn his female victims into just “people”, making them sexless so that people can not connect the dots on just how many men kill women.

    And you said:

    “Supposedly, this shooter frequented the disgusting pit of inhumanity the-website-that-shall-not-be-named…”

    You just named like 90% of the man-made-websites that exists. As to why I don’t go to too many places on-line.

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