Why I Think The Down Syndrome Baby Story is Horseshit

It seems that mainstream media will sensationalize anything that a man does even if it is the most menial thing, such as feeding their children or not running over a family of ducks, even if that man has done it for very selfish and egotistical reasons. He will be considered a hero across the board and everyone will adore him for doing the bare minimum for either his community or his family; he is allowed to make severe mistakes and he will receive sympathetic pats on the head. A mother can forget to feed her child for one day on a mad dash to get her child to a daycare and to her job and she will be seen as a horrible mother; she will be subjected to a societal witch-trial and everyone will wag their finger at her, telling her what a monster she is for forgetting to feed her child.

I am not going to focus on the child in this circumstance, not because I don’t think he is important but because the whole media storm was never about the child. The whole thing was about how “brave” and “sweet” the father, Samuel Forrest, is for taking on the role as a single parent while the mother, you know the woman that had to carry the baby inside her for nine months, gets the Salem Witch Trials treatment for wanting to give the child up for adoption. There are various reasons why women would give up their child for adoption or give the child to someone else and the fact that the mother is not given a chance to have her side of the story heard is another example of mother-hate. We never hear what the mother has to say, we only hear the father’s side and apparently that is good enough for the media and everyone else. Mothers have to give up their friends, free time, and peace of mind when they become mothers while fathers can do a very small task and people will congratulate him on being a great father.

One has to wonder if Forrest would be so gung-ho about raising his son if the mother didn’t want to give up the child for adoption and that they did not need huge sums of money? Would the situation be any different if it was the other way around? Would people applaud the mother for being so “brave” to raise a disabled child on her own and would they gladly give her donations if she set up a GoFundMe? What about if the father wanted to give the child up for adoption? We all know the answer to these questions and for those who may not know the answer, The answer would be a huge “no.” The mother would be vilified as some “money-hungry leech” who should be ashamed of herself for asking for a hand-out. As many single mothers will say, they get berated and put down for even the slightest complaint about their plight; to be the pariah in a society that hates her and every mother for the smallest mistake.

The father can be a bumbling fool and people will still love him, a single father is seen as a God who must never be questioned or criticized. I am not going to make assumptions on Forrest’s character as I do not know the man but his actions toward his ex-wife; how he is soaking up all the media attention without allowing the mother to have her moment to tell her side is very questionable. We may never get to hear that side but it’s expected and that is the sad part of this story.


9 thoughts on “Why I Think The Down Syndrome Baby Story is Horseshit

  1. I also wonder if he pressured her to keep the baby when she was pregnant, knowing it had DS.
    The majority of moms that get evn basic prenatal care will know if the baby* has DS, it’s routinely tested for. Over 90% of moms with DS babies choose to abort, and it’s always vilified, even by people that would do/advocate for the same if it was them.
    Of course, she may have been too far along to abort, or maybe couldn’t do it. We will never know. But to assume reproductive coercion happened in any case is a safer bet than to think it didnt.

    I understand why mom wouldn’t want a DS baby- or any baby for that matter. It’s hard enough to raise a kid, let alone one that will need care and supervision for their entire lifespan. Bad things happen to kids, but knowingly signing up for it is totally different.

    I know this- mom cannot win. Dad would win no matter what. If mom willingly kept this baby, but couldn’t afford it, she would get hated on non stop. Society says:Abortion makes her a killer. Adoption makes her an inhuman woman incapable of love. Letting Dad have the baby = lazy, unwilling to take responsibility.
    Dad? Beloved and supported, regardless. Even if he killed the kid he would get sympathy!!!!

    I am sure moms not speaking because she knows there is no way to not get abused. Would you trust a journalist to tell your side? LOL. I hope she reads this and knows she has support here.

    • I saw one article in which the mother of the baby did speak out but she would not go into specifics about the situation. I don’t blame her for doing that, no matter what reason or explanation she will give, she will still be destroyed by the world.

  2. Have you seen this, Bedelia?


    If this is accurate reporting, seems that Samuel Forrest already has a family, including a girl with Down Syndrome. Oh, and due to some weird circumstance, which of course isn’t his fault, he is not “allowed” to see his children from this previous marriage, including the girl with Down Syndrome.

    I don’t need any more information to get the picture. Guy’s a creep. He’s getting away with being a good-for-nothing because the whole world hates women and mothers. I can’t stand it.

    Thank you for writing about this. Someone has to say something against the stupid hordes who are holding up this malignant man as a hero.

      • You’re welcome. And thank you, again, for writing this blog post — otherwise I, and other readers, probably would not have known about this faker who is being worshipped, instead of properly despised.

        I feel so awful for the mother of baby Leo, who only wants people to know she has been abandoned and smeared by a society that doesn’t give one damn about what mothers go through until, that is, the mother honestly declares: “I can’t do this; it’s too much for me to bear on my own.” Then, she’s a witch.

    • Yes, SHE is the one who is brave to tell the truth. It’s a truth people don’t want to hear: it is commanded that women should be perfect mothers, even without the resources to be a good parent. And, like children, women should not be heard. The fact that she has now spoken in her own defence, I suppose, make her doubly evil.

      I am on her side, completely. She deserves support at such a traumatic time. I hope she has it from someone in her life.

  3. Adoption isn’t the panacea everyone makes it out to be. It’s basically some couple with more money than sense using a woman in a disadvantaged position as their own personal hire-a-uterus, with promises of an open situation where she can get news about her child, and then about 80 percent of them renege on that communication within the first year. They praise her to the heavens while she’s pregnant (oh, and pre-birth matching is legal–gee, that’s not coercive at all) and then blow her off as a heartless slut who should have kept her legs closed after the adoption’s final.

    It’s not our JOBS to be walking uteruses for other people. I object to surrogate pregnancy for the same reason.

    We need to be working harder on keeping abortion legal and providing help for poor mothers that actually helps, rather than going “oh it’s OK, I understand, of course you couldn’t handle it, and you’re such a hero for helping infertile people have a baby,” because what it does is destroy that link between mother and child, relegate the child to second-class status because in most states adoptees can’t have their original birth certificates even after they reach adulthood, AND condemns the descendants to not be able to trace their genetic ancestry–you know, the actual ancestry that got them here in the first place–since the necessary records are sealed.

    Screw this Handmaid shit. I still think this guy is a tool though. Also, the wife did not live in the U.S. or in New Zealand or anyplace like that–she lives in a country where kids with DS wind up in institutions, and that’s exactly where they expected her to send her son.

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