Personal Statement About Supreme Courts Recent Ruling on Prostitution Law

The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled the current prostitution laws in Canada as “unconstitutional” and struck them down today. This does not mean that prostitution is officially legal, the government has a year to write up legislation for a new law. For now, the current law still stands but this does not stop the Liberal pro-exploitation crowd for having hopes for full legalization. I consider this recent ruling to not only being a step back but a major fallback for the rights of the most vulnerable women. The women that Liberals tend to (purposefully) erase when prostitution is being discussed.

I want to add that just because prostitution has been around for centuries, it does not mean that it is or should be morally or even legally acceptable. It is like arguing that just because rape has been around for centuries, that means it should be considered morally acceptable or war if we can take the argument farther. Of course, I have no hope for the Harper government to actually consider the fact that women are human and that they will actually consider writing a law that will ensure that women do not have to turn to prostitution to survive in patriarchy. The Harper government couldn’t care less about anyone but themselves and the only reason that the Harper government would even consider such laws is if their reputation is at stake.

When I heard of the ruling, I thought of the women that have been murdered and raped by their pimps and johns. I think of the forty women or so women that have been murdered by Robert Pickton. I think of the young girls who have been prostituted and abused from  a young age. I think of the Indigenous women who have dealt with the hardest blow in their lives when colonialism, racism, misogyny, and other forms of abuse are being drowned out by the Liberal anti-woman rhetoric. Terri-Jean Bedford did not think of these women when she argued for the right to run a bawdy house and neither did the courts.

There is no hope for any progress for women in a male-centered society and the Canadian Supreme Court just proved that such institutions cannot be trusted to make any sound judgement; they proved themselves to be on the side of rapists and abusers and people who profit from that abuse. I sincerely hope that anti-prostitution activists fight against the pro-exploitation lobby because the courts decided that women’s lives were not as important as the personal entitlement of men. This is not about “choice”, this is about the lives of women; this is about the woman’s right to a life without having to endure extreme abuse just to put food on the table.


7 thoughts on “Personal Statement About Supreme Courts Recent Ruling on Prostitution Law

    • I already know about Joy Smith and I still don’t trust her. Not because she is a woman but because she is in the same boat as Stephen Harper and clearly she has not consulted with any abolitionist groups. So please, don’t treat me like an idiot.

      • I wasn’t aware you knew about her since I have no idea of who you are (among us online). Certainly my remark wasn’t you are an idiot!

        I don’t think about this as a conservative vs liberal issue. I see it as male vs. female, and in that, I think Joy Smith is someone to pay attention to. She will take us some way. How far I don’t know, but as I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve stopped caring about what horse we ride in on.

      • My apologies. Even if Joy Smith had the best intentions, I still will not let go the fact that she is on Stephen Harper’s side and she with the Evangelical Church of Canada. Stephen Harper has done plenty of damage to the image of Canada and to Canada’s citizens, I refuse to put my trust in a party or an individual from that party who puts the lives of Indigenous people at risk.

  1. Politics isn’t about trust, in my opinion. Smith introduced Gail Dines and her work to her fellow and sister MPs. That’s a big step. If she never did anything more, I would still thank her. But the fact is she has done more. I meet her at “woman” not at “political party”.

    • What would be the point in supporting an individual if you can’t trust that they will do the job that they say they will do? There are plenty of radical abolitionist women who have done the same amount of work that she has done for over 40+ years, Indigenous women doing the work for far longer and quite frankly, I put my trust in those women more then someone who takes the same political stance as Harper. I wonder how Smith feels about the pipelines polluting Indigenous areas? Didn’t hear her say a word about the connection between the pipeline and the rape and prostitution of Indigenous women.

  2. Thanks for clearing this up I thought it was fully legalized. You are right the liberals want that so bad. In the words of witchwind: ‘Liberalism, from its very beginnings, has always only been about liberalising access to property (as women) for all men.’ I don’t see any party coming out to support the Nordic Model which makes me not want to vote. I will only participate if I think it could so some good for women.

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