“Natural” Should Not Equal Half-Naked Women

Some photographer named James Houston thought it would be a brilliant idea to take pictures of half-naked women for a charity called Global Green USA. The photographs of these half-naked women are part of are all part of a new photography book called “Natural Beauty” though I see nothing natural about the photos of Emma Watson or other female celebrities since they all look like the same pornographic bullcrap that you would see in men’s magazines. Oh, and lots of unnatural lighting, make-up and all that jazz too. Seriously, look at this photos and I dare you to tell me that these photos don’t look like something out of a porn set. The article is here.

They also provided a video of the photo shoots. I have yet to see at least several half-naked men in this shoot.




2 thoughts on ““Natural” Should Not Equal Half-Naked Women

  1. ‘Natural women’ means how men collectively view all women – as ‘mens’ disposable sexual service stations!’ The so-called great male artists all employed the same perspective – namely they commonly painted women as ‘mens’ disposable sexual service stations!’ Woman – means ‘sexual availability to men’ and these male pornographers are no different from other male pornographers. Women are disposable, expendable products apparently which explains why men are not routinely depicted/photographed ‘in their natural state’ – ergo totally naked and in sexually submissive poses!’

    Men accord themselves autonomy and dignity but this right is yet to be accorded to all females because we are not the default human apparently. Default human continues to be white male!

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