Disabled Teen Gang-raped by Students

So shocking that the teachers did fuck all for the student that was being raped! /sarcasm

A 15-year-old girl with an IQ lower than 60 has had a lawsuit filed on her behalf Jan. 11 which alleges that she was gang-raped and nearly sodomized by two male students, and that school officials at Martin De Porres Academy in Elmont, New York knew about the attack and did nothing.

The girl, who is only known by court records as K.J., was the only girl in a class of 13. Because of her special education needs, the state of New York allows juvenile delinquents to attend class with non-offending, but mentally disabled, students. Such was the case with K.J.’s attackers who were both currently housed in Casa De La Salle, a home for juvenile delinquents.

K.J. was alleged to have been held under her desk, while being beaten in the face and sexually assaulted. What is worse, this all happened while there were 10 other students and two teachers in the classroom. As an example it is alleged that one of the teen-rapists danced on K.J.’s desk, while his partner attempted to anally sodomize her. Eventually K.J. was able to get away, and she waited until the next day to tell a social worker at the school. Nothing was done.

The lawsuit claims K.J.’s mother fought with school officials for months, during which she endured countless episodes of abuse and bullying. In a documented instance published by New York Daily News in early December the school placed K.J. alone in a room with one of her attackers so they could “discuss” their problems. The talk ended with K.J. leaving with facial lacerations. Again, no criminal action was taken.

Finally, months after the sexual assault, K.J. was allowed to be transfered to a different school.

Ed Dana, the Executive director of Martin De Porres claims that they fired the teachers involved, and that they take bullying very seriously.


2 thoughts on “Disabled Teen Gang-raped by Students

  1. Appalling given those teachers have a duty of care towards the safety of the disabled girl. All the other male students and teachers who were present when a group of male sexual predators subjected a female student to group rape, must be charged with facilitating serial group male sexual violence against a teenage girl.

    ‘Ed Dana claims they take bullying very seriously.’ Indeed – so deliberate and sustained male sexual violence against a female is trivialised as “bullying.” Dana by claiming issue was about ‘bullying;’ neatly erases the real issue which is those male sexual predators were allowed to group rape a disabled girl and then later one of the male sexual predators allegedly inflicted physical violence upon the girl. But wait? No crime has been committed because those males were merely enacting their male pseudo sex right to female bodies and because females are not human this means ‘no human has been subjected to male sexual violence.’

    Men and male supremacist system continues to claim ‘we aren’t living in a rape culture!’

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