In Which I Can Only Respond With Guttural Throaty Noises

I often wonder what the point is of even telling old pervy dudes that making random and inappropriate comments about women who are young enough to be their daughter is not okay! Especially when she probably did not ask for any comments about how “beautiful” she is? When it is not related to her at all? Fuck!

This is the video that got me in a rage!


3 thoughts on “In Which I Can Only Respond With Guttural Throaty Noises

  1. There’s so much wrong with this video it’s hard to know where to begin.

    If you are a woman you get targeted no matter how you look.

    What does this have to do with football? Socialization of young males. If you are a football player, you can “have” “beautiful” women. So, boys, get out there and practice. Macho Misogynist bullshit. Not to mention the probablity
    of concussions.

    I hate the whole male sports thing. Ugh!

  2. Males of all ages have always accorded themselves the innate right to view young women as ‘males’ disposable sexual service stations.’ Reason why these old men subjected two young women these old men didn’t even know to misogynistic comments, is because it is men’s right. (sic). This is how male power over women operates, because males have always accorded themselves right to subject any girl or young woman to voyeuristic and sexualised comments.

    Remember women of all ages have no rights whatsoever because according to men – women and girls only exist to serve males, including providing sexual titillation and sexual pleasure to the male! Females have no boundaries or right to be accorded dignity and respect since that is male only.

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