ESPN Columnist Hit With Racist Attack from A Walking Germ

I am no longer shocked at the bigotry and hatred of our fellow human beings but what I am shocked at is the fact that he could put a period at the end of his sentences. This letter was sent to ESPN columnist Jemele Hill. As you can see from the letter provided, this man has plenty to say about this journalist whose biggest crime is existing and speaking to white people. Oh, the horror! The agony of women of color having the same interests as other human beings!

ESPN Columnist Jemele Hill (pictured) shared an alarming letter with her Twitter followers Friday, which she reportedly received after having made multiple appearances on sports radio show “The Herd” last year, according to the Grio.

In the letter (pictured below), the disgruntled viewer refers to Hill as a “b*tch jungle bunny,” “spear-chucker,” and implores ESPN to terminate her “before she back slides into some ebonics-laden inarticulate mumbo-jumbo tirade.” To top things off, the anonymous man reveals he’s “not interested in spending all day listening to some thick-lipped gorilla attempting to properly speak the King’s English.”

twitter1 (2)

Hill took the letter in stride on her Twitter account, commending the viewer for being racist without using the N-word. All in a day’s work for someone used to slurs frequently coming her way as a Black female covering sports.

“I get these types of letters every day,” she tweeted Adena Andrews, a writer for ESPNW. And there’s the show of support from colleagues in the journalism world to help.

Yahoo Sports investigative reporter Charles Robinson expressed his dismay at the letter, writing:

@jemelehill That’s unbelievable. I’m at a loss for words. Thanks for sharing. It puts all of my hate mail in perspective.

While Editor-in-Chief of Jason McIntyre responded:

Some Nutjob Sports Fan Sent ESPN’s @jemelehill the Most Racist Letter Ever.

At the time the letter was sent, Hill had just finished her debut college football season as a sideline reporter for ESPN and ESPN 2.


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