Phrases That Need To Disappear from the Human Language

Hearing unoriginal arguments against a certain argument is a pet peeve of mine. I cannot fathom for the life of me how anyone cannot sit and think about how ridiculous their argument sounds, how that argument has zero logic or how that is makes no sense. I think it is time that I compile a list of arguments and common phrases that are often used in daily life. A list that will bring these hilariously bad arguments and phrases into attention and hopefully the opposition can create new ones but I highly doubt it. Some of these are an exaggeration of arguments I have heard but that doesn’t hide the intention behind the argument itself. These arguments and phrases are often used to silent a person with a different view of the world and those phrases are often very offensive to the receiver of these arguments. here is the list of arguments that I have heard:

“You are using your race/disability/class to be rude!”

“It was their choice!”

“That was in the past!”

“Women have equal rights now!”


“I make my own choices!”

“Men are not afraid of women!”

“Women cannot be great leaders because they are all bitchy back-stabbers!”

“You are treating women like children!”

“You are sexist against men!”

“Women don’t want to be the president because *insert pop science study here*”

“Women are emotional and men are logical therefore you are dumb!”

“Stop looking at the negative.”

“There are two sides to every story!”

“Men make better leaders because *insert pop science study here*”

“Women are as corruptible as men!”


“Stop being so depressed”

“You are racist against white people!”

“Until I see evidence of it, i will still believe that global warming does not exist!”

“You radicals are such terrorists! LOL!”

“Indigenous people are such lazy redskins!”

“Why are Indigenous people still complaining? They can afford IPhones!”

“They have a right to their opinion!”


That is about all that I have heard recently. Most of these of often worded differently but still convey the same bullshit message. I would like to see arguments that my readers have recently been presented with. I hope to see you all soon!


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