Short Letter to My 15 year Old Self


You are finally discovering Feminism for the first time. Congratulations! The hardest part comes when you have discovered that society truly hates you for simply being a woman.

One of the many challenges you will face five years ahead is the battle with your family and your inner self, the comfort you have grown accustomed to. The comfort that you feel now will disappear over time as you realize that men out there want to destroy you, want to enslave you. Your mind will be free from that slavery but your body will still be chained to patriarchy.

Your family will try to pull you back to that state. They will police your body, politics, well-being and education. They will try to bring your spirit down and say that you are a bad person for criticizing society. They want you to be complacent, obedient and silent. 

What I want to say to you is: Don’t give up and don’t give in. Keep fighting. Do not let them win.


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