Another Dude Advocates Violence Against Women!

From HuffingtonPost

A spokesman for Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-N.Y.) is facing criticism after advocating violence against female Democratic senators in a Facebook post.

Jay Townsend, the official campaign spokesman for the freshman representative, went on a vicious online rant on Saturday, which he began by taunting a constituent who voiced criticism about an earlier post on gas prices. “Listen to Tom. What a little bee he has in his bonnet. Buzz Buzz,” Townsend wrote.

“My question today… when is Tommy boy going to weigh in on all the Lilly Ledbetter hypocrites who claim to be fighting the War on Women? Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators who won’t abide the mandates they want to impose on the private sector.”

He attached a link to a Free Beacon article that claims female senators pay their male staffers more than their female staffers.

A moderator of the NY19 U.S. House of Representatives Civil Discussion Center page responded to Townsend, asking him to “please refrain from calling our members names.” The unnamed moderator also asked if Hayworth knew about his comments or whether he had “gone rogue.”

Comments from outraged constituents quickly followed. “‎’Hurl some acid’ Jay Townsend? Do you realize what that means?” wrote one person. “Acid attacks are particularly brutal, aimed almost solely at women, with the intent to maim and disfigure. I couldn’t imagine a worse piece of invective from someone who puts the Republican war on women in quotes.”



15 thoughts on “Another Dude Advocates Violence Against Women!

  1. You actually #1, believe the gospel according to Arianna and #2, believe that someone actually wants women to be beaten up and pummeled? Short of Sharia or different cultures…

    If you wouldn’t advocate for it, HOW could you imagine that anyone else would? There must be a reason WHY Mr. Townsend supports the legislation. Do you really think he goes around thinking, “I’m in favor of violence towards women, my wife included?”

    • Hey Annie — why are you on a feminist blog arguing with the feminist blogger when you are clearly not a feminist?

      If you believe men who say violent things about women — especially men who are part of REPRESENTATIVE government and speaking in public on behalf of a WOMAN — are perfect fine chaps, then go share that with other deluded people and leave feminists alone.

      Alternatively, you could actually learn something from this blogger and other feminist bloggers. But your comment doesn’t sound like you’re interested in that.

      • Yet, you basically came over to my blog talking about absolute nonsense that had nothing to do with the post and basically trying to derail at the start by accusing me of something you have yet to prove. Who are you to tell me how I should be aware of male violence against women?

      • Why am I on a feminist blog? Just trying to introduce a bit of logic into what seems to be a sound bite world. What man in his right mind would OPENLY advocate for the beating around, pummeling of women?

        “you could actually learn something from this blogger and other feminist bloggers. But your comment doesn’t sound like you’re interested in that.” That’s one of the reasons that I’m here; I’m trying to learn, understand. Instead of being able to learn, I’m chased away.

      • How about not denying the fact that men hold the power in society and thus can use this power to get away with promoting violence against women. You know those songs that proudly talk about violence against women? They are talking about ALL WOMEN. You are not being chased away, you are being called out. Big difference. Are you suggesting that feminism is illogical?

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