Letter to fellow Anarchists (and other radical leftists)

Reposted from my other blog: Life In The Patriarchal Matrix

My fellow Comrades,

It seems that everyday, I come into contact with a manarchist who believes women have more economic, political and social power compared to men in western society. I would like to believe that the majority of anarchists will disagree with this assumption. I call this belief an assumption because there is no evidence that backs up their claims.

They use the example of a few rich white women, who are born into riches and have never worked for there own economic independence in society. They seem to believe that these women have more privilege then them. That these women hold all the power in the world and not the white men-who have more power then said rich women- that share the same class status as them. Nor, do they seem to think that the manarchists in question have more privilege then the rich women they complain about. This is a sad fact that women who are born into money are not more or equally privileged as men. In fact, the privilege the women have received from birth have been given to them by their fathers. Not their mother, their fathers, the ones who have the most privilege. The ones who get away with abusing women because of their economic status.

A concept such as male privilege doesn’t seem to exist to these men or is a myth created by feminists to oppress these poor innocent men and violate their right to fuck any woman they wish without consequence, if the aforementioned women are raped by these entitled men. Anarchist women such as myself are constantly on our toes when a supposed anarchist man approaches us because us anarchist women are wary to their sugar- coated misogyny and entitlement to our bodies. Unfortunately, some women fall easily into their trap and they are surprised when they come out bruised and raped by the men who is supposedly on our side where women’s liberation is concerned.

These men do not support women’s liberation. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. They manipulate, lie, cheat, steal, abuse and many more horrible crimes against women. Yet, they expect us to accept them as part of our political spectrum, to forgive them for transgressions against us.  I should say that an an anarchist feminist, that we need to realize who the real enemy is. Who we need to oppose and who is not on our side.


One thought on “Letter to fellow Anarchists (and other radical leftists)

  1. These men do not support women’s liberation. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    Quoted For Truth.

    1. Oppose capitalism. Check. 2. Oppose Belief in Gods. Check. 3. Oppose the patriarchy and sexism in society – OMGWTF – RED ALERT!!! – Apparently when it comes to changing ones own behaviour and how one relates to society principled opposition (see 1 + 2) are easy. 3 is not easy, because it makes you uncomfortably aware of your privilege, it is *hard* and just plain “undoable”, much easier to toss women under the bus than accommodate their silly bleatings and made up theories.


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