My thoughts on sex (Or my mini-rant on heterosexual narrative :D)

I will confess that I am a virgin and I have no more skills or knowledge of sex then a mechanic has knowledge on how to play a complicated riff on a guitar. However, I have done some looking around to see what opinions different feminists have on sex itself. the differences are not that surprising. Honestly, if everyone shared the same opinion on a certain subject then there would be no need for revolution.

What I have observed is quite the opposite. Sex is still defined by a narrow and oppressive narrative and treats sex (penetrative sex) as though it should be mandatory but not voluntary. Monogamy is also considered mandatory but not voluntary. A woman still cannot have sex with multiple partners without being vilified and seen as disgusting.

Sex should not be seen as a commodity to be bought and sold to the rich and the spoiled. Sex should not be treated as a competition or a sport. Sex should be treated as a experience to those who volunteer for the experience. The experiences related to sex should never be narrowly defined by heterosexual men. Sex is defined by the male experience and not by the woman’s experience, it is defined by the domination and submission complex, similar to how colonialism and imperialism are enforced on countries during times of war.

Individuals should be taught different alternatives to penetrative sex, they should also be taught the difference between and equal and loving experience and a dominating, unloving one. They should be taught to deferentiate between an equal romantic relationship and platonic relationships with both sexes.


One thought on “My thoughts on sex (Or my mini-rant on heterosexual narrative :D)

  1. Hey. Great post. I agonize over this stuff every day… I went from crushing on my girlfriends and sleeping with them as a child (safe, loving, nice), to chasing after abusive asshole dudes who only wanted to use me (fake 'love', abusive, scary). I was even an 'escort' for a while to survive, when I was in my 20s. Now, I've sworn off dating or fucking dudes ever. It is exactly as you say- a transaction. That's how dudes see women- as ATM fucktoilets. I do not.

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