Destroying Capitalism and the State (and many other issues which are caused by the State)

It is quite obvious to my leftist friends and Anarchist comrades that capitalism is the reason people are still oppressed in the societies that they live in today. What of the state? Should the state be destroyed as well? Is the state a part of the industry of capitalism? I answer all these questions with a resounding YES! The state and capitalism are the reasons why everyone except white heterosexual men are oppressed and under the control of said men. The state and capitalism are the reason why these men still have power. The state and capitalism are the reasons why people are still in denial over their own oppression because the people are dependent on the state even though the state oppresses them. All oppression is connected to capitalism and the state.

More people are rebelling against the system more than ever. Occupy Wall Street is a clear sign of the people rebelling against the system and its slaves. Of course Occupy Wall Street like other protests has its fair share of issues that are not taken into account when it comes to systemic oppression. For example, women’s issues and issues about people of color are often ignored in the name of white male freedom; if these issues are ever brought up at all by the oppressed party, those issues are automatically silenced and ignored. If there is a real revolution in progress  and not just a large group of white men who feel abused by the system, the issues that need acknowledgement should be acknowledged and the groups who face the most oppression should be included in the discussions surrounding capitalism’s destructive force on the oppressed.

The state is the only part of the system where white men have infinite control over the people even if Barack Obama is the President of the United States, he still is a supporter of the state and has no interest in solving the issues of the people.

The high poverty rate, the economy, high rates of  unemployment, discrimination based on sex, race, sexual orientation, disability etc are just the many issues that the rulers of the state purposefully ignore to stay in power and to discourage the oppressed from succeeding in achieving equality

Children’s rights also need acknowledgment and poverty, disease and child trafficking are one of the few largely ignored issues involving children that the government seems to not have the enthusiasm to solve. Children are just as much as victims of oppression by the state as the adults. Children are the property of the state and government and are second-rate humans because they are young, naïve,  weak and are easily replaced due to overpopulation. Children are seen as little humans that need control, dominance and be molded into perfect human beings who will willingly accept oppression and never fight against it or question it. They become willing slaves to the state and accept punishment from the higher power which stifles them as human beings and never learn to think about how the state and capitalism oppress them as a group.

People of color are the most ignored victims of the state and capitalism due to the high rates of poverty, lack of education, racism, misogyny and discrimination based on race and skin color. The status of people of color in society is one of the reasons why the state and capitalism should be destroyed; they never receive the same opportunities as white people and people of color under the state. Women of color face constant judgement from the majorly white society whether it is their hair, skin color, behavior, origins or how they raise their children. They will always be seen as “welfare mothers”  while they are under the control of the state because the state does not care about people of color and their children or increasing their social status in society. A person of color’s intelligence or humanity will always be questioned no matter how long they attend college or whether they have a degree in a well-paying career, they will always be at the bottom of the hierarchical system and the state.

People with disabilities and disorders are also an ignored group under the state and society due to their “inability” to give to the capitalist system. The able-bodied and able-minded are able to give to the system because they are able. Therefore, people with disabilities and disorders are more susceptible to abuse by the able and their issues will mostly likely be ignored in favor of the able. People with disabilities and disorders also have a difficult time finding a job or occupation that need to be accommodating to their needs or do not receive the jobs-even if they are fully qualified because of their limits or their “inability” to do a certain task.

Members of the gay, lesbian and bisexual community seem to get plenty of abuse from the system due to not conforming to the hetero-normative construct which dictates that both men and women should only be with the opposite sex and not be with the person they love and that the humans only purpose is to reproduce slaves for the state and capitalism. The community also faces violent acts against them by homophobic people and the large rate of suicide among gays youths due to excessive amounts of harassment and intimidation by their fellow peers. Lesbians are often the victims of misogyny because they refuse to be  sexual with men or to even associate with them. Lesbians are also heavily pornified by white men in pornography and Hollywood films which depict them as sexual beings who are not capable of controlling their desires for other women and are in fact just bisexual women who’s only purpose is to please heterosexual men. The lesbians that do go against the pornification of their person are the enemy of men. Gay men are also victims of the patriarchal constructs in society because they refuse the concept of patriarchal norms and hetero-normative masculinity. Therefore, they become victims of  misandry based on their sexual orientation and misogyny because homophobic people often compare them to women in terms of behavior and use that comparison to insult them and make them feel less than human.

Classism is also rampant under the State and capitalism. People who are not of the upper class are disregarded because they do not have money, privilege and power. They constantly are informed to “get a job” if they ask for money from strangers. In reality, the working class cannot find jobs due to a weak economy and lack of money. The larger number of working class people are people of color and because racism, classism, patriarchy and sexism are connected when it comes to people of color and their societal place. People of color are often discouraged from finding a job because of the racist and classist attitudes towards them from white capitalists who do not value them as human beings and ultimately have to apply for a job with minimal pay in a factory producing goods for affluent white people and continue the cycle of capitalism. Women are also victims of classism when they are not from a privileged background. Women who are born in poverty are less likely to get an equal education than boys. Girls and Women are seen as useless because of  “being female” and have more violent crimes committed against them when in a vulnerable position of power.

Patriarchy cannot survive without the state and capitalism. If the oppressed classes work to destroy capitalism and the state than patriarchy would have no other ways to control the marginalized and eventually the oppressed will destroy patriarchy, racism, classism, misogyny, homophobia, bigotry, xenophobia and eventually all human beings will be free from the restraints of the state and capitalism.


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