Calling people on their Racist Bullshit (Whether they are Feminists or not)

I have recently read a post by Womanist Musings titled: Dear White Women, You Never Fail To Disappoint Me. This blog post discussed about white feminism and white privilege and how white feminists never challenge their racial privilege in this white supremacist, capitalistic and patriarchal society. The following quote is from the blog post itself, this quote discusses how white feminists react to white males defending white feminist’s action even though those actions might be considered racist by WOC:                                                                                                                                        

As much as White women have been oppressed by White men, they have also gained from their association with them.  They may rail against patriarchy, but if a White man comes rushing to his damsel in distress to declare her actions to be decidedly not racist, they are more than happy to accept the aid with a feeling of relief. See, a White guy said so, so it must be truth.  If a White man were step forward to declare that an action is not sexist, their input would be soundly attacked, yet WOC are expected to simmer down when the White man speaks.  The fact that White men and women often collude when they have a common purpose has not failed to register with us, despite the whole ya ya sisterhood of the traveling suitpants routine.

I agree with Renee with the point she stated due to the fact that this is what seems to occur among the funfeminists or women who are naive when it comes to patriarchal control over women of color. These white men take advantage of their naivety and use it to advance their male-centered control even further over WOC and to silence discussion about white privilege and oppression. Here is a tip for the budding feminists who don’t know much quite yet: If a white man claims to be feminist yet doesn’t call out racist or misogynistic actions from other people then they are NOT feminists, they aren’t even close to that label in the slightest. So if you spot any white male “feminist” who doesn’t analyze his white privilege or doesn’t call out another person’s racist actions, you must cut them away from the group and never let them in until they are willing to learn from others!


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