Yes, women can be manipulative too (and sociopathic)

I am aware that people are going to jump on this post and say that I am misogynistic for talking bad about women. The point of the post is not to say that all women are bad but that SOME women are bad and abusive. What angers me the most about these MRA idiots is that they claim that we feminists treat women like they are flawless creatures when that is not the case. Feminists are trying to make society see that women are HUMAN. What I also find funny about MRAs is that they think that all women are evil and want to castrate men and all that silly garbage. Isn’t that type of logic kinda contradicting since they are lumping all women as evil while they claim that feminists portray women as flawless beings?

I faced many instances of women being abusive towards me and most of it wasn’t even warranted to begin with. One story I will share began just a few weeks ago when my former friend adopted very racist views and I was seriously getting tired of feeling that I have to defend this woman’s poor behaviour and so I stopped being friends with her and posted a video on YouTube telling her that I am through being friends with her. Well she did not take kindly to that at all and so she made not one but TWO response videos to my video and 99% of it was just blatant lies and being upset that I disagree with her enough to not defend her behaviour. She even made up the lie that me and my boyfriend broke up after he told me that he relapsed (To make it clear both of us blamed the way she blew him off to his relapse originally but now he takes full responsibility for the relapse). The irony of the situation is that she said that she doesn’t like dishonesty yet makes a video lying about me and my boyfriend’s relationship and saying that I am antisemitic for disagreeing with her. She even had the nerve to make a video to her “jewish brothers and sisters” asking them for help to fight against anti-Semitism (AKA me) on YouTube. This woman is known for constantly changing her religious beliefs(Note: she is 42 and yet still doesn’t know what religious faith she is, I am 19 and I am firm in my Unitarian Christian beliefs).

What was the point of making this post if all you are doing is talking about two women cat fighting? Well, the woman who was friend was the one that started the drama, I just wanted to end the friendship peacefully and without fuss. She just took me standing up for my principles as an attack on her character. In my opinion adopting race realist beliefs while claiming that she is a feminist is just pure hypocrisy and that it needs to be called out. THAT is dishonesty! Not standing up for your principles and not wanting a fight.


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