Update! (and some whiny self entitled white dude)

Hello Readers,
You all are probably wondering why I have not felt inspired to write a fully understandable post as of late.The answer is simply that, I was not very inspired until now. I am certain that you will say “But Ms. Bloodyknuckle, how hard could it be to write a simple blog post?” Well, my dear readers, it is extremely hard for me since I am the worst when it comes to procrastination and other things are going on in my life, such as school work, love, life and all that other shit.

I made a policy for my blog to never mention any drama on other social networking sites (YouTube, Twitter, etc) but I will mention my recent raging over at Twitter about a week ago with a man who claims that he is “Man. Myth. Proletariat” The man I am speaking of is Graham Templeton of Simon Fraser University and writer for the university paper called Peak who had the absolute nerve to claim that the term “rape culture” is offensive to him as a “middle-class white male” Oh the bitter-sweet joy of finding another male to destroy in his lack of empathy and logic.

     “In and around the “SlutWalk” movement, I’ve heard a lot of talk about how we, as a society, have a tendency to blame the victim in cases of rape. This is utter nonsense. Ironically, SlutWalk is itself the perfect illustration of exactly how flawed this premise really is: one cop makes one stupid, misogynistic comment, and thousands take to the streets in protest. Is this your rape culture?”

No, you silly white male! It is patriarchy loving rape denying men such as yourself that make rape culture, not the damn SlutWalk! Here is the rest of the article here Since I don’t want my brain to hurt anymore.


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