David the Infection

You say I am dishonest

All I hear is static and vomit

And projection, self-hatred and fear

And filth that reigns and sits supreme

On the brow of your privileged life

You would sacrifice your child and wife

For a word that should have died with the turn of the century

With the tuning of freedom’s song

That should have went to the wind

And went to the ocean and drowned with the evil in the world

Should have been exterminated like a rat in a trap

Ideas should never harm the disadvantaged

Should never become the main objective to fame or fortune

You seem to forget that many still suffer under the existence

Of the word of which you wish to change

Words are like people

Some will change and be associated with something else

While others will never change and cause nothing but pain

Many have lost their lives with words and actions

And many have lost sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers to association, to pain, to struggle, to words, to actions

All because they are still chained to the white man’s ego

To his over bearing power and privilege

You will never sniff the shit that they had to smell

You will never feel the whip that they felt

You will never drink the piss that they had to drink

You will never taste the rotten food that they tasted

You will never feel claustrophobia the way they felt it

You will never bow to the people that they bowed to.

They bowed to your ancestors

And you today expect us to bow to you

King David

But with every greedy and corrupt king

Comes the dethroning

Comes the freedom of the land

Comes the freedom of the heartbroken, the broken spirited, the lonely, the faithless, the hungry, the thirsty, the tired, the childless and the motherless

This is not a question of semantics or philosophy

This is a question of morals, of respect and dignity

You go on ahead and piss on the weak rabbits

Because even rabbits when pushed too far, bite back.


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