Being a Rock Music Fan and Radical Feminist

It is very difficult to find good rock music-at least in this era- that does not dissolve into a huge misogynist mess such as Nickleback or Korn where even though their music has it’s good points and interesting moments, their lyrics are misogynist when their songs discuss women in a relationship or in any situation involving violence. It is mostly mainstream rock that has this pattern of misogyny and in my humble opinion is not worth listening to when one is claiming to be sympathetic toward the cause of gender eqaulity.

I am however happy to say that there is very gender progressive rock music in the scene, it is just difficult to find in the white supremacist, patriarchal, mainstream society. One has to dig deep into the underbelly of YouTube or search through Google to find true progressive rock music. The sad thing is that these artists don’t recieve recognition for the work they do and their beliefs about equality are considered “gimmicky” and “sloganeering”.


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