Why Should I Shave?

What I find absolutely annoying about the society we live in is the obssession that these people seem to have with body hair especially on women. They seem to have an issue with it and I can’t seem to find a good enough reason why I should shave? Do I want to be a vain young woman? Are there health risks associated with not shaving? Does it matter to the other person when it is none of their business?

Can you imagine the horrific thoughts of one harmless hair. “Oh Lord of Lords! What shall we do about this issue? I have an idea! Let’s give these hairy hippies a dangerous sharp instrument of which removes these dastardly hairs from these poor women’s armpits, legs (and in some cases, if you want to be a porn star), vagina. Of course, they must shave because the patriarchy says so. These young ladies need to learn their status as grown children and men need to learn their place as adults! I am so evil bwahahahahahaha”


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