I should not have to bring up your sister/mother/aunt/wife in order for you to give a fuck….

The title of this post summarizes my thoughts whenever I have a discussion with men who seem to proudly display their ignorance about the constant attacks on women and girls. One should not have to pull heart strings in order for one side to have any feelings or even care about the subject at hand. It never forces men to have empathy for women and girls, it just reinforces the idea that men’s “damaged property” (female loved ones) should be the only reason why they should be against rape.

Yet, here we are: pulling at those heart strings because it seems to be the only method but constantly backfires when men then claim that their female loved one has never been raped/harassed/laughs off the abuse, or in some cases, say that their sister is beautiful and therefore justifies their inappropriate comments about a woman’s appearance. In others, they will claim that their girlfriend doesn’t mind their porn use or hell even enjoys some of the acts that he does to her. Besides completely missing the point and lack of awareness about women’s socialization in capitalist patriarchy, if I ever brought up self-harming they would swear up and down that those things are not the same. I would argue that they are the same since, for one, people’s choices are not made in a vacuum. No one wakes up one day and decides to slice their wrists because they “wanted to”, there are many social, psychological, economic, and emotional factors that contribute to self-harming behavior similarly those are the same factors that contribute to women “wanting” to be in porn or prostitution.

The way the system is built makes it so that people often choose either the not-so-shittiest-but-still or the most-shittiest choice. Unfortunately being raped and abused for pay seems to be the shittiest but “viable” option for women in poverty. Liberals seem to believe that anything with money attached to something makes it good despite all of the protests from the victims of exploitation. This “choice” rhetoric is also, in a back-handed way, blaming the victims of said exploitation for “choosing” in the first place. After all, if your only option was to either eat the fresh or old cowshit the one who gave you that choice cannot be blamed, only the person who had no choice but to eat either pile are to blame for their suffering. Faux-freedom under capitalism is nothing more than the most vulnerable populations suffering the worst humiliation for the benefit of the rich. Those rich people then go to universities and blab on-and-on about choice. Applying that same standard to women in the third-world also seems to be a favorite among Liberals. While ignoring the fact that the third world is raped and pillaged of their sources by the First World, they will claim that anyone who objects to prostitution in third world countries is a “white savior” and say that what they are doing is not “prostitution.”

It takes a thick layer of cognitive dissonance to not see how all women deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and should not have to endure abuse in order to survive. Women would never choose such an thing if that wasn’t their only option in a desperate situation. There are too many stories of women and girls suffering horrifying acts against them to even dismiss as “lack of regulation” on the part of the industry itself. There should never be a class of women made specifically to have to endure the abuse to make sure that abuser does not harm “other women.” . This is simply the most cruel and self-defeatist position one would take in regards to sex trafficking. Rapists should not being given a slew of vulnerable women to abuse, it would be like giving large amounts of drugs to drug dealers with the belief that they will stop dealing drugs. These vulnerable women are also someone’s sister/aunt/mother/niece/cousin and yet you will never see these people realize their hypocrisy. I would suggest rapists being thrown into a tiger’s den and let the tiger have at him but that would only happen in a perfect world.

Men should care about the well-being of all women regardless of any relation to them. Men should stop with all the navel-gazing long enough to take in their surroundings, that no matter how protective they are of their female relatives they should not wave away the concerns of women just because they do not know them. Women also should not be arguing to care about said well-being because the man’s relative could be the next victim. Yet, we are still arguing that point. Men are still as un-empathetic about women’s suffering despite the emotional argument.


We Are Not Free, The Cage Just Got Bigger

Hugh Hefner recently passed away and all of my readers know how much I hate any pornographer or pimp no matter how much money they donated to “save the whales” or fed hungry African children. People seem to forget that horrible people often do good things to mask or cover-up their horrid deeds, it doesn’t matter what Hugh did while he was alive. He could be as pro-black and pro-choice all he pleases but in the end he was still a capitalist. He was still a man who made his fortune off of the dehumanization and humiliation of women and girls.

There has been many stories coming out about Hugh and his unethical practices, of course I say this ironically since pimps are already unethical, and yet with all of this information and evidence out there people will still bray about Hefner’s greatness. One would only need to do a quick Google search for themselves to find that Hugh was certainly no saint. He, knowingly, published child pornography on more than one occasion, he had no shame in calling women “dogs” and other misogynistic terms, and he only supported Roe V. Wade because he only saw it as a benefit to men. How exactly he was a “friend to women” I will never understand. One would come to the conclusion that since Hugh was a monster and was the one who popularized pornography that they (men) would immediately abandon it. That only seems to make these men defend their porn use even more strongly despite all of this evidence.

These so-called “bunnies” were there by “choice” (if by “choice” you mean that they were desperate for money and were given no job training) but apparently that “choice” resulted in their deaths. How strange, one would think that choice does not include dying from a drug overdose after suffering copious amounts of humiliation but I guess Liberals also don’t mind women being brutalized and dying as long as the woman chose it.

They claim that Hefner brought the sexual revolution, I still have yet to see any material results of this claim. Women are still raped and tortured in war zones, in the home, and even out in public. Women are still suffering in poverty and often have to turn to prostitution because of lack of job opportunities. Disabled women are still sterilized, abused, and raped by the people they trust and are often trafficked by family members. Women and girls in third-world countries are still being brutalized by men from the first world through sex trafficking and war. Women still have to jump through personal and social hurdles to even have their rapist charged and convicted. Indigenous women and girls are still going missing and murdered. So, if any so called liberals can point to me where exactly Hefner’s contribution has resulted in anything that has stopped the things I have just mentioned, besides giving men an excuse to abuse women, I will still cry bullshit to those people.

Many “good” people are capable of doing evil and many “bad” people are capable of doing good. This does not mean that those horrible acts that the person has done should be cancelled out because they donated money to a cause that everyone supports in one way. Hefner still contributed to an already violent culture by normalizing the objectification of women and girls. This is why girls cannot go into a school without being blamed for arousing young boys, why no woman or girl cannot walk down a street without constantly being on guard, this is why we have violent men who rape and brutalize women and girls. Hefner did not cause it but he certainly worked his damned hardest to make it “sexy.”

I will not apologize

It seems that speaking from personal experience has upset people and set them off on a bit of a tizzy. Even when I have stated that I am formally diagnosed as Autistic, that somehow disproves my credibility because I do not take a liking to a certain individual? Here is something you should know: Do not expect your comments to be posted if you are going to be insulting. Do not go on and cry about your precious “freedom of speech”, this is not a government webpage. This is my blog. I am not arresting you.

Don’t like what I say or think? Good for you.

Want to post your super-insulting comment? Don’t bother.

I have never claimed to be a doctor who can diagnose people. My post was about how people, armchair psychologists, are so quick to diagnose individuals without a second thought or merely going by vague testimony from that individual. Autism/Asperger’s is far more than someone “behaving strangely” or having “savant qualities”, it is more than what mainstream media portrays in movies and other media. It comes in various forms and spectrums. It is incredibly strange for people to get upset over a personal opinion, calling me a “dumb whore” (for example), does not serve you or make you seem smarter.

Just remember that the next time you are going to comment on one of my posts.

My Political Views lately…

For last few years I have called myself an “Anarchist Feminist” believing that these views will be the ultimate form of liberation for women. But those last few years I have met a lot of disappointment from some Anarchists who do not seem to be interested in liberating the world. I cannot call myself an Anarchist-anything anymore.

Modern anarchism has become a “liberalised” shadow of its former self. Too busy staring at its own navel and not actually coming up with a solid plan to liberate the masses. I have also noticed that it has become too steeped in “identity politics” while I do realize the importance of recognizing multitudes of oppression but the analysis cannot end there. Analysis is a great thing to have but words really don’t mean anything when Imperialist governments are bombing third world countries left and right. There needs to be more than just discussing our identities, there needs to be more direct and organized action. Protests are fine but politicians, and the capitalists, have seen plenty of non-violent protests and they ultimately do not bring down the government, i.e. the 99% movement.

Lately, I have been looking into other political theories and Marxism seems to make much more sense to me. I do appreciate the structure that Marxism has as opposed to Liberalism which is more focused on their own class interests than liberation. I know that some of my readers will be upset with me but these revelations I have came to on my own. I do not allow people to force ideas on me, I find these answers on my own. So please, show some respect. People change their views over time. I cannot stand to be in one spot forever and neither can the working classes and other oppressed people.

We Can’t Ignore This Problem Anymore

Another man, most likely a white male*, has gone on a mass shooting in a college and it seems he was another man suffering from his own delusions of inferiority. He has killed 10, including himself, and injured 7 people and as per usual everyone will debate passionately about things like “stricter gun control”, “mental illness” and other such topics. What is missing, at least from the mainstream, is the fact that this shooter was another male who felt entitled to women.

Supposedly, this shooter frequented the disgusting pit of inhumanity the-website-that-shall-not-be-named and has posted that he was going on a school shooting. He did not state his reason or which school he was going to shoot but from reading the comments it was pretty obvious that these piles of filth on that site did not care why he would go on a shooting, they would have cheered him on no matter what the reason. I am not going to go on further into the details. The link will be here if you want more information on the shooting and here for the report on the terrorist’s victims. What I do want to say is that we can’t ignore the obvious anymore. The pattern of violence committed against women everyday is perfectly clear. How one can ignore it and say it was something else completely is beyond my comprehension. Guns, and the access to them, are only one part of the equation.

How many more people, especially women and girls, have to be killed before we can finally admit that there is a war on women and girls? How many more men have to go on shooting sprees before we name masculinity as the illness?How long until the whole world admits that it hates women and girls? No more excuses for violent men. No more “but he was a good boy.” No more coddling the psychopaths.

*Side note:It is reported by police that the shooter was of “mixed race”, this still does not detract from the fact that he murdered young women and that he felt entitled to women’s bodies.

Iowa farmer claims oil company rep offered him a trafficked woman

The original title contained the horrible phrase “sex worker” and I will not let CBC insult the young woman who had to turn to this horrible business.

Hughie Tweedy is an Iowa farmer whose land lies right in the path of a new pipeline proposal. It’s called the Dakota Access Pipeline and it would funnel crude from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota through South Dakota and Iowa for processing in Illinois.

There’s money for landowners who sign over rights to allow the pipeline company to get to work. But Tweedy’s refusing all offers.

But when he told the pipeline representative that he’s not interested in money, Tweedy says they tried to tempt him with something else.

“He offered me women,” Tweedy tells As It Happens host Carol Off. “Not once, not twice, but three times. In the third time, a $1,200 teenage prostitute.” Tweedy was told she was 18 years of age.

He says that he recorded the third offer with a hidden digital recorder.

Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for the Dakota Access Pipeline, issued a statement in response: “We are aware of allegations that have been made concerning the conduct of an employee of one of our contractors . . . We take these types of matters very seriously and are investigating further.”

Tweedy says he went public with his accusation in hopes that the state will pass a bill which would make it more difficult for the pipeline to seize properties.

“I’m not for sale,” Tweedy adds. “I had told my pipeline representative that I wouldn’t sell [him] one blade of grass for a million dollars.

“This bunch from the pipeline cartel — what I call ’em — is just a bucket of snakes and you can’t tell which head belongs to which tail. Their damage control will be all deniability. They’ll say, well, that’s not our contractor . . . that’s not our this, not our that.”

Tweedy’s lawyer has asked him to not share the recording, and he’s seeking liability protection from the Iowa attorney general before he releases it.

“I was raised here, I grew up here, I’ve always lived here,” he says of his property. “This farm is not for sale to a private company for their profit. It is just not. I am not going to allow it.”


When The Cake Is Never Shared: Liberals and Their Passive Aggressive Victim-Blaming

As I have mentioned in a previous post, the hatred towards mothers always seems to go unchecked and is always the norm. Whenever a mother shows any concern of the impact of sexualization of women on her children she is immediately branded a “prude” or someone with “no life.” It’s incredibly ironic that many will accuse a mother of “having no life” because the minute she does not center her life around her children she is also branded a horrible mother.

Likewise, they will find ways to accuse her of hypocrisy, or imply hypocrisy, by asking her if she allows her children to watch any television. I am not certain about how exactly that is relevant to her concern because the difference between media consumption in the home versus public advertising is that she at least has some control over the media her children consume but out in public she does not have this power. You cannot simply “ignore” a hyper-sexualized advertisement when it is a fifty foot billboard in full view of the young impressionable children. Liberals may deny this, and most certainly will, but children do notice their outer environment, they do not live in a bubble (as much as Liberals would love to make it so) and they do take in everything that they see around them. They cannot ignore that it actually does take a village to raise a child and our mainstream media is part of our global village. The accusations of moralistic pearl-clutching against Jennifer Campbell is absurd and the other arguments against her very legitimate concern are also astoundingly ridiculous.

so i guess her kids have never been to a beach then

If they were using these posters to sell perfume, or cars, or beer, her complaint would be more relevant. But they are using images of scantily clad women wearing skimpy lingerie, in order to sell skimpy lingerie… so I don’t think the ads are inappropriate or even misplaced.

Why is this poor woman so upset? Is she for real? Does she really think that by her NOT shopping at Midtown Plaza, they are going to forced to close the doors? Come on lady, are you for real? You know, really have to pick your battles these days. And I really don’t think that this is one of them.

There are advertisements in magazines these days that show even more than what is on those elevator doors. Prime Time television, between 7:00pm and 9:00pm, there is more bare skin, showing couples in bed, no pajamas on (bare skin) suggesting there is more going on than just laying there. And the conversation they seem to have, well, it leaves very little to the imagination. So my dear, I’m pretty sure that if you were to take a step or two back, you’d see how silly you are making this whole thing out to be. I really do wish you luck with your protest. But I think you are pretty much on your own on this one.

Because how dare a mother be concerned with advertising? These people have already shown that they do not care for the well-being of children. This is not to say that children are not intelligent, of course like all human animals they are also capable of reasoning. This, however, does not leave advertising corporations or even society off the hook for their insidious use of hyper-sexualized imagery with no concern for how this might affect young girls. Advertising corporations feed off of the insecurity of the mass public while simultaneously selling them a lie. The lie that if they buy what they are selling then they will be loved and adored by all, no longer a pariah in society. You can have your cake and eat it too, they claim.

What these easily swayed people don’t understand is that the cake is poisoned and addictive, yet they still claim they are autonomous human beings. With young girls suffering from eating disorders and self-esteem issues at extremely young ages, does it seem elementary to point to the advertising industry as at least one of the main causes of this? Do these people believe that eating disorders and self-esteem issues are origin-less and fall from the sky without any explanation? How can they simply “ho-hum” at this serious issue and patronize those who raise the next generation? As an auntie to various nieces and nephews, I will say that this deeply concerns me too; call me “moralistic” all you wish, just don’t then turn and point the finger at the parents when a child becomes the product/victim of that culture.

Wall Government Reverses Decision For Stripping in Bars; Man Tears Flow

Via CBC Saskatchewan

After making stripping in bars legal last year, Premier Brad Wall says he wants to reverse course.

Wall announced Wednesday the Saskatchewan Party government will amend the liquor laws, again, to make stripping illegal in bars.

It was only in January 2014, that Saskatchewan ended a decades-long ban on nude dancing in places that serve alcohol.

“I believe that the government of Saskatchewan made a mistake last year when we allowed licensed strip clubs in the province,” Wall said. “I made a mistake and so I’m announcing today that we are reversing that decision.”

Under the previously amended rules, total nudity was still outlawed, but dancers could strip down to pasties.

A bar in Codette, Sask., may have been the first to offer legal strip shows under the new rules in 2014. (Ryan Pilon/CBC)

Now, that change is going to be reversed. The concern is over the exploitation of women in such establishments.

“Let’s make sure we’re not allowing for any opportunity for organized crime to increase its footprint or for there for ever to be an increase in human trafficking that we know is happening,” Wall said.

Wall said that any possible links to human trafficking and organized crime are too serious to turn a blind eye.

The change can be made in a matter of weeks.

Regina City Council recently rejected a proposal for a strip bar in an industrial area after establishing zoning rules. A Christian group applauded the move, although others thought the city had no right to reject a legal business that followed all the rules.

The many johns and pimps in the comment section are already getting their nut-sacks in a twist over this decision. As if, not being allowed to drink and oogle at impoverished, desperate women forced to take their clothes off for perverted DRUNK strangers is a human rights violation! The horror! The poor deflated penises! *cries*

Taking Action

Elisabeth de Mariaffi

***Please be aware that this post discusses a recent violent crime. Details may be upsetting. images

As a woman in this country, sometimes I think the real question is: When do we start rioting? Earlier this week Ontario resident Bradley Barton was acquitted in the murder of Cindy Gladue, an Aboriginal sex worker. Gladue died four years ago, in a hotel bathtub in Edmonton. Barton is the one who called it in. He told 911 operators that he’d found an unknown woman dead in his hotel bathroom, but CCTV later revealed that Barton and Gladue had spent time together over the previous two evenings. In court, Barton pleaded that her death was accidental, a result of rough sex. Gladue bled to death, caused by an eleven-centimetre stab wound along the right side of her vagina. Acting chief medical examiner Graeme Dowling testified that considerable force would have been needed to cause the wound.

No one consents to…

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On the Anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials

I will admit I had no idea that today was the very day that the infamous Salem Witch Trials began and that is the sad part. This part of history is not known among many people and mostly they will brush off events such as this as “events from a barbaric past.” Witch trials still happen albeit the people who are accused are called very different names other then “witch.” The Red Scare, both in Canada and the U.S, were like the Salem Witch Trials only the accused were called “communist, socialist, anarchist, feminist” instead of “witch.”

As I read through the timeline of the Salem Witch Trials I could feel a heavy stone in my stomach. One by one, these women were put on trial with a simple accusation. No evidence needed, not even a child was safe from these accusations. Whether these women were witches is not the main point and I would be uncomfortable with slapping a label on people who cannot say who they were. Calling this a “witch trial” also washes away the fact that the majority of the accused were women, this should be indicator of at least the deep seated hatred for women that the accusers allowed to stew inside. Unfortunately, if these women were to be freed they would have to accuse another woman of witchcraft. This happens in our current time as well, women throwing each other under the bus to save themselves from male violence. That moment of freedom may have been great but an innocent life was the price to be paid. It deeply saddens me that this mentality has never left no matter how much those in power will claim otherwise. These women were the victims of patriarchal paranoia and ignorance and they should be remembered as such.

Timeline for the Salem Witch Trials:

♠ Naumkeag is settled by a group of settlers led by Roger Conant, after they abandoned their original settlement in Gloucester. Conant serves as the settlement’s governor.

♣ John Endicott and a group of settlers from the New England Company arrive with a patent from England that gives them legal rights to Naumkeag. Conant peacefully surrenders control of Naumkeag to Endicott.

♣ Naumkeag is renamed Salem in honor of the peaceful agreement between Endicott and Conant. The settlement soon develops into two sections: an agricultural area where the lower class live, known as Salem Village, and a more urban area where the upper class live, known as Salem town.

♠ The British government makes witchcraft a capital offense.

Massachusetts Bay Colony Charter is revoked.

November 1689:
♠ Samuel Parris is named new the minister of Salem.

October 1691:

♠ Residents of Salem town disapprove of Parris, who denounces them as greedy and unpuritan-like, and try to force him out of Salem. Salem villagers support him. The hostility creates tension in the colony.
♠ The British government issues a new charter for the colony. The new charter places many restrictions on the colony, also causing tension amongst the colonists.

January 1692:
Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams begin to have fits and exhibit strange behavior. Soon Ann Putnam Jr. and other Salem village girls begin displaying similar behavior.

February 1692:
♠ Doctors are unable to determine the cause of the strange behavior and suggests the girls are under the influence of Satan.
Tituba bakes a witch cake made from rye and the girl’s urine to discover the name of the witch that has cursed them.
♠ The girls accuse three women, Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne, of witchcraft. Arrest warrants are issued for the women.

March 1 1692:
♠ Judge John Hathorne and Judge Jonathan Corwin examine Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne.
♠ Tituba confesses to working for the devil and states there are many witches in Salem.

March 12 1692:
♠ Martha Corey is accused of witchcraft by Ann Putnam Jr.

March 19 1692:
Rebecca Nurse is accused of witchcraft by Edward and John Putnam after a number of land disputes with the Putnam family in Salem Village.

March 21 1692:
♠ Martha Corey is examined by Judge Hathorne and Judge Corwin.

March 23 1692:
♠ Four-year-old Dorcas Good, daughter of Sarah Good, is accused of witchcraft by Ann Putnam and Mary Walcott and arrested.

March 24 1692:
♠ Rebecca Nurse is examined by Judge Hathorne and Judge Corwin.

March 26 1692:
♠ Elizabeth Proctor is accused of witchcraft by Mercy Lewis.

April 3 1692:
♠ Rebecca Nurse’s sister, Sarah Cloyce, is accused of witchcraft after defending her sister.

April 4 1692:
Elizabeth Proctor is accused of witchcraft by Mercy Lewis, Abigail Williams, John Indian, Mary Walcott and Ann Putnam.

April 11 1692:

♠ Elizabeth Proctor is examined by Judge Thomas Danforth at the Salem Village meetinghouse.
John Proctor is indicted on charges of witchcraft during Elizabeth’s examination after he is accused by Abigail Williams and Mary Walcott.

April 18 1692:
Bridget Bishop, Abigail Hobbs, Mary Warren and Giles Corey are accused of witchcraft by many of the Salem Village girls and arrested.

April 19 1692:
♠ Bridget Bishop, Abigail Hobbs, Mary Warren and Giles Corey are examined.
♠ Abigail Hobbs confesses.

April 22 1692:
♠ Edward and Sarah Bishop, Mary Easty, Nehemiah Abbott, William and Deliverance Hobbs, Mary Black, Mary English and Sarah Wildes are arrested on charges of witchcraft and examined by Judge Hathorne and Judge Corwin.
♠ Nehemiah Abbott is cleared of all charges.

May 2 1692:
♠ Dorcas Hoar, Lydia Dustin, Sarah Morey and Susannah Martin are arrested on charges of witchcraft and examined by Judge Hathorne and Judge Corwin.

May 4 1692:
♠ George Burroughs is accused of witchcraft by several girls and arrested in Wells, Maine.

May 9 1692:
♠ George Burroughs is examined by Judge Hathorne, Judge Corwin, Judge Sewall, and Judge William Stoughton. Sarah Churchill, one of the afflicted girls, is also examined.

May 10 1692:
♠ George Jacobs Sr. and his granddaughter Margaret Jacobs are arrested on charges of witchcraft and examined by Judge Hathorne and Judge Corwin.
♠ Margaret Jacobs confesses and testifies that both her grandfather and father are witches.
Sarah Osborne dies in prison.

May 14 1692:
♠ Increase Mather returns from England with the new charter and new governor, Sir William Phips.

May 18 1692:
♠ Mary Easty is released from prison but arrested a second time after her accusers protested her release.
Roger Toothaker is accused of witchcraft by Elizabeth Hubbard, Ann Putnam Jr. and Mary Walcott and arrested.

May 24 1692:
♠ Mary Toothaker is accused of witchcraft by Mary Warren and Mary Ireson.

May 27 1692:
♠ Governor Phips sets up a special Court of Oyer and Terminer to hear the witchcraft cases.
♠ Several judges are appointed to the Court of Oyer and Terminer: Lieutenant Governor William Stoughton, Nathaniel Saltonstall, Bartholomew Gedney, Peter Sergeant, Samuel Sewall, Waitstill Winthrop, John Richards, John Hathorne, and Jonathan Corwin.

June 2 1692:
May 31 1692:
John Alden Jr., Martha Carrier, Elizabeth Howe, Wilmott Redd and Phillip English are examined by Judge Hathorne, Judge Corwin, and Judge Gedney.

♠ Bridget Bishop pronounced guilty of witchcraft and condemned to death.
♠ After Bridget Bishop’s trial, Nathaniel Saltonstall resigns from the court and is replaced by Judge Corwin.

June 10 1692:
♠ Bridget Bishop is hanged at Gallows hill in Salem. Her hanging is the first official execution of the Salem witch trials.

June 16 1692:
♠ Roger Toothaker dies in prison.

June 29-30 1692:
♠ Susannah Martin, Rebecca Nurse, Sarah Good, Elizabeth Howe and Sarah Wildes are tried for witchcraft and condemned.

July 19 1692:
♠ Susannah Martin, Rebecca Nurse, Sarah Good, Elizabeth Howe, and Sarah Wildes are hanged at Gallows hill in Salem.

July 22 1692:
♠ Martha Emerson, daughter of Roger Toothaker, is accused of witchcraft by Mary Warren and Mary Lacey Jr.

July 23 1692:
♠ John Proctor writes a letter to the Boston clergy describing the torture used against the accused and asks for the Salem Witch Trials to be moved to Boston.
♠ Martha Emerson is arrested and examined by Judge Gedney.

July 30 1692:
♠ Mary Toothaker is examined by Judge Gedney, Judge Hathorne, Judge Corwin and Judge Higginson.

August 2-6 1692:
♠ George Burroughs, George Jacobs Sr., Martha Carrier, John and Elizabeth Proctor, and John Willard are tried for witchcraft and condemned.

August 19 1692:
♠ John Proctor, George Jacobs Sr., George Burroughs, Martha Carrier, and John Willard are hanged on Gallows Hill.

August 20, 1692:
♠ Margaret Jacobs recants her testimony against her grandfather George Jacobs Sr. and George Burroughs.

September 3 1692:
Margaret Prince and Elizabeth Dicer of Gloucester are accused of witchcraft by the Salem village girls and arrested.

September 9 1692:
♠ Mary Easty, Martha Corey, Ann Pudeator, Alice Parker, Mary Bradbury and Dorcas Hoar are tried and condemned.

September 13 1692:
Joan Penney of Gloucester is accused of witchcraft by Zebulon Hill.

September 17 1692:
♠ Wilmott Redd, Mary Parker, Margaret Scott, Samuel Wardwell, Rebecca Eames, Abigail Faulkner, Mary Lacy, Abigail Hobbs and Ann Foster are tried and condemned.

September 19 1692:
♠ Giles Corey is pressed to death after refusing to enter a plea.

September 21 1692:
♠ Dorcas Hoar confesses. Her execution is delayed.
♠ Joan Penney is arrested on charges of witchcraft.

September 22 1692:
♠ Martha Corey, Alice Parker, Margaret Scott, Ann Pudeator, Mary Easty, Samuel Wardwell, Wilmott Redd and Mary Parker are hanged at Gallows hill. These are the last hangings to take place during the Salem Witch Trials.

November 3 1692:October 29 1692:
♠ Governor Phips dissolves the Court of Oyer and Terminer.

Rebecca Dike, Esther Elwell and Mary Rowe of Gloucester are accused of witchcraft and arrested.

November 14, 1692:
♠ Sarah Noyes Hale, wife of Reverend John Hale, is named as a witch but is never formally charged or arrested.

November 25 1692:
♠ The General Court of the colony creates the Superior Court to try the remaining witchcraft cases.

January 1693:
♠ 49 of the 52 remaining accused witches in jail are released because their arrests were based on spectral evidence.

May 1693:
♠ Governor Phips pardons the remaining accused in jail.

January 14 1697:
♠ The General Court orders a day of fasting for the victims of the Salem Witch Trials. The day of fasting takes place the following day. Judge Samuel Sewall publicly apologizes for his role in the Salem Witch Trials.

♠ Minister Samuel Parris is replaced by Joseph Green.

♠ The General Court declares the 1692 trials illegal.

♠ Ann Putnam Jr. publicly apologizes for her role in the Salem Witch Trials.

♠ The colony passes a bill restoring the rights and good names of the accused and grants £600 in restitution to the victim’s heirs. Some of the victim’s families do not wish to be named in the bill and do not seek restitution.

♠ Salem Village is renamed Danvers. Salem town keeps the name Salem.

♠ Massachusetts formally apologizes for the events of 1692 and clears the name of “One Ann Pudeator and certain other persons.”

November 1991:
♣ Town officials announce the winning design for a new Salem Witch Trials memorial. Playwright Arthur Miller gives a speech at the announcement ceremony and reads from the last act of “The Crucible.”

August 1992:
♠ On the 300th anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials, The Salem Witch Trials Memorial, designed by James Cutler, is dedicated by Nobel Laureate Eli Wiesel.

♠ The Massachusetts legislature amends the 1957 apology and officially exonerates five victims not named in the 1711 bill or the 1957 apology: Bridget Bishop, Susannah Martin, Alice Parker, Wilmot Redd and Margaret Scott.

– See more at: http://historyofmassachusetts.org/timeline-of-the-salem-witch-trials/#sthash.4DiQbYD5.dpuf